The one who knows himself, knows his Lord


Are we busy with knowing Allah, in this Tarikat? We are busy with knowing ourselves. Same meaning, let’s say, I give you a short answer, same meaning as Holy Prophet (AS) is saying, “The one who knows himself, knows his Lord.” It is not meaning you know yourself and you are Lord. That’s not the meaning. Once you know yourself, then you know that you are a servant, and only a servant knows his Lord. Servant as a man servant, Hz Insan servant, not servant as an animal, servant as an Angel. They are servants also, but they have not been given the secret to know Allah. Does an animal know himself? Does an Angel know himself? Do they ask questions about their own existence? Divine Program given to them and they don’t deviate, but they go straight, to do their responsibility.

That’s short answer. The end of their way is the beginning of our way. They are saying ‘if you know four Holy Books, but you don’t know yourself, you still have not made one step towards your Lord.’ Those Books are describing Allah. They are His Books. Now we have to learn how to read our Book. Slowly, insyaAllah.

Murid: Does it take one lifetime to understand ourself?

According to your power, or the power that is given to you, it can take one instant, or it can take endless lifetimes, you still won’t be able to get it. We have to take one step. Isn’t the Hadith e-Qudsi saying ‘If My servant takes one step to me, I take ten steps to him’? Yes, it can be, especially in this way. But if I ask you, ‘once you know yourself, what do you want, what are you going to do?’, you would not be able to answer, yourself. People tell me ‘please pray that I get closer to Allah,’ but I say, if you get closer to Allah, what are you going to do? Why you want to get closer to Allah? If you get closer to Allah, what are you going to do? Do you understand what it means? They don’t, they just say nice words here and there.

We are not in Tarikat to aim for highest Jannat. People in Tarikat are not busy with Jannat. As a Saint once said, what is Jannat but a couple of houris and a couple of palaces? It is not to say we look down on Jannat, of course. If there was one smell of Jannat here, released to this world, the whole world will be thrown into non-existence, it will die. But our aim is Allah. Do you understand? It’s like the man invited to see the King, and he got lost in the palace, looking at the beauty, but he never wants to see the King. A Sultan had a favorite, once. An, what they say, Iqbal, the one that is his favorite. These other advisors, the Pashas and the Wazirs, they couldn’t understand. This Iqbal looks like a normal, brainless person. To show them, one day the Sultan gathered everyone and said ‘if I can grant you any wish, what would you want?’ Every one of them, according to their level of attachment, they say. The military man says ‘I want to conquer this whole world.’ The finance minister says ‘I want to get rid of poverty.’ Some saying ‘I want the whole world to become Muslim.’ The Sultan listened to everyone, then asked his Iqbal. He says ‘what do you want?’ The Iqbal reached for his hand, grabbed the Sultan’s hand and says ‘I want you.’

Just to have that intention, it is important. So now, look to your sweetness and your bitterness, look behind to see who is sending it. So what is our aim? Never forget, Holy Prophet (AS), he went on the Miraj, Allah is saying ‘his sight did not swerve.’ It didn’t move from left to right. He went straight. Until he was at Qaba Qausain, and when he was asking Allah for support, because to travel to Divine Presence, he has to be alone, that even Hz Jibril (as) he cannot travel. Prophet is showing, now, those ones who are in love with him, he is going to bring. Everywhere he is, he wants his Ummat to be, even in Qaba Qausain. What is the proof of that? Allah SWT made him to feel the spiritual presence of Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, he was there, his Companion, traveling to meet his Lord.

So the station of Ubudiyyah, the station of complete servanthood, Holy Prophet (AS) is the only one who can reach it, of course. He had to finish, you come out from yourself. Fana. But it’s not Fana, you have to Baqa. You have to come back. Do you understand? But when you come back, your reality is there. A shadow of your reality comes back.

So we take one step at a time. But why we want to get close to Allah? So many people join to Tarikat to see miracles. You know what happened to those people? They will leave once other ones show them a miracle, a bigger miracle. There was one Sheykh, he was known to make miracles, so everyone wanted to become his Murid. To cut a long story short, he invited everyone to come to eat, because what he did was, the miracle he did, he was eating, let’s say he was eating chicken, when he finished, then he says ‘Bismillahi Allahu Akbar, BismillahirRahmanirRahim,’ he touched the bones of the chicken, and it became full chicken and it flew away. Everyone was very shocked. Everyone shocked now, word spread around, everybody wants to see miracles from him. Because his Murid asked him, ‘Sheykh, we know how high your Maqam is, why you only have a few students? Your fame should be known through all the world, everyone should come to give beyat to you.’ But he told his Murids, ‘you will understand, I will show you something, why my Murids are only one handful.’

So he did that miracle, thousands of people came, next time he was eating, everyone waiting to see if he is going to make, maybe this time a sheep to come alive, maybe a cow to come alive. But the Sheykh was eating, he’s not looking up, he was sitting like this, after a while he just moved, and he farted. Thousands of people look at each other, and they say ‘what the hell just happened? We came to see a miracle, and this man he farted? This is not even a Sheykh! Thuuh,’ they say, ‘you are a fake one.’ Everyone started going, until the only ones left is his handful of Murids. So the Sheykh looked up finally, he says ‘ah, now everyone is gone?’ He says ‘good. Don’t you see, my Murids,’ he’s saying, ‘those who come from one clap,’ because from that clap the chicken bones became a full, alive chicken, he says ‘they are going to go with one fart.’

Many people come into Tarikats to see miracles. Miracles do happen, but we are not here chasing after that. We are here for Allah’s sake, but to even take the first step, to finish, it is a very big and a very high level, and it’s very difficult. Have your intention strong, and hold on to the Jubbah of our Sheykh. We are not making too much progress, because we are holding onto his Jubbah, wherever he is going to be, insyaAllah we will be with him. Tamam? Wa minallahu taufiq, Al Fatiha. Selam Aleykum.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah Bursa, Turkey
11 Rabiul Ahir 1443
15 November 2021

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