If there is a possibility to get married, is it good?


Question: If there is a possibility to get married, is it good?

I think so. Try, insyaAllah. I will pray for you insyaAllah.

Murid: My parents are pushing me to get married, from time to time.

InsyaAllah. May the way be easy and open insyaAllah, for you. May you find a salih woman, may your children be salih ones insyaAllah. InsyaAllah. For everyone who is not married, we are asking for that, insyaAllah. Marriage is half of your religion. If you are not married, even no matter how religious you are, you are not going to understand half of the world, and you are not going to understand your own limits. The man’s heart is very hard. Adam (as), in Paradise, felt uncomfortable, incomplete. He did not ask Allah to get married. In Paradise, understand, he is not satisfied. But Paradise became Paradise when Allah SWT made him to sleep and when he is sleeping, took out a rib from him, and created one that is like him. That time, Paradise became Paradise. But the man is the leader, the woman has to follow, in Islam. The woman has to follow, to obey. It’s not easy to lead, it’s not easy to obey. One will find each other to complete their religion. Then when you have children, insyaAllah, you will have good, salih children. Then you are going to rise to a higher station of understanding in religion also.

That’s why you are seeing, those ones who don’t have children, no matter how religious they are, there is something that is not right with them. Those ones, our Christian brothers, especially those ones who they say ‘you cannot get married,’ while they are preaching love, but because they don’t have children, they can commit the most evil actions to children, while they are saying, astaghfirullah, Allah has a son and loves the son so much, and sacrificed, they have no connection because they have no son. If they are sincere, they are going to have children and they are going to sacrifice their son. It happened to Hz Ibrahim (as). He was praying for a son, not because he wants a son, because he is afraid if he passes, there is no one that he can train to continue the Word of Allah here in this world. There will be no one to say ‘La illaha ilallah.’ Ibrahim Khalilullah, the Friend of Allah, the only Friend of Allah. Holy Prophet (AS) is Habibullah, let’s put that aside for now. Yet, when he was very, very, very old, and he asked for a son, and Allah gave him a son, and Allah is testing him to say ‘now, don’t forget your promise.’ What did he promise? He is saying ‘ya Rabbi, if I am granted a son, I will sacrifice the thing that I love most in the world. Dream came to him, saying ‘don’t forget your promise. Sacrifice the one that you love most.’ Allah gave Ibrahim (as) so much wealth. He sacrificed thousands of sheep for Allah’s Sake. Dream came again, Allah is saying ‘don’t forget your promise. Sacrifice.’ He sacrificed thousands of camels. Dream came again, ‘don’t forget your promise. Sacrifice.’ He sacrificed thousands of horses, and Allah then said ‘sacrifice Ismail, the one that you love most.’ He took his son to the middle of the desert, his son looked at him and said ‘is this Allah’s order?’ He says ‘yes.’ He says ‘then I am willing.’

He took the knife, and he cut his son. But the knife did not cut. Understand, with faith, you can turn nature against it’s nature. The nature of the knife is to cut, it did not cut Ismail (as). Those of you who have children, imagine your child that you have for Allah SWT. This is real. He pulled his knife seventy times, and seventy times his heart cracked. With frustration he threw the knife, it hit a rock, and it split that rock into two. Then Jibril (as) came and brought the sacrifice, the ram of who? Of Habil (as). Saying ‘you passed the test, now cut this ram in place of Ismail (as). When he was cutting, he was going ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.’ Ismail (as) is saying ‘La illaha ilallahu Allahu Akbar.’ Jibril (as) then came down, saying ‘Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd.’ From that time until now, the believers are saying that in the feast of Kurban.

The nature of the fire is to burn. The nature of the knife, it is to cut. Yet the knife did not cut, and the fire did not burn. He was sent, Ibrahim (as), into the fire of Namrud. He is saying ‘Hasbinallah wa nimal wakil.’ The fire did not burn him. For three days, the fire was burning, the fire was coming down, they see Ibrahim (as) in the middle of the fire, in a rose garden. And when Ibrahim (as) was inside that fire, in that rose garden, the nightingale saw that and fell in love with the rose garden, for the first time, and threw itself into the fire as well, to be with Ibrahim (as). From that time until now, the love affair of the nightingale and the rose garden continues, all because of the love, singing the love of Khalilullah to Allah SWT. Never forget that with faith, nature can turn against it’s own way. May Allah not test us, but Sahibulsaif, Sheykh Effendi is saying that if it wasn’t for Ibrahim (as)’s sacrifice, and he passed that test, and if Allah did not substitute Ismail (as) with a ram, then as the Millet of Ibrahim, today we have to follow that Sunnat. If Allah did not show Mercy, we would have to sacrifice our firstborn male, until Judgement Day. One of the reasons why still we are giving blessings to the Holy Prophet Ibrahim (as) and his descendants, as we ask Allah to bless the Prophet (AS) and his descendants. InsyaAllah. May Allah forgive us, insyaAllah. Al Fatiha. Amin.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),

Osmanli Dergah Bursa, Turkey
21 Rabiul Ahir 1443
25 November 2021

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