The Higher Knowledge of Tarikat


Some of the Names of Allah, not even the Sheykhs they are making zikr of. In our way, there is no permission until permission is given to you. I know, especially in the Shafies, they have so many duas and this and that, a lot, no? I was thirteen years old, I got this book from the library, the 99 Names of Allah, it’s good, it’s explaining. At the end of the chapters, 99 chapters, they say ‘if you recite this for 1000, this is what you’re going to get, 500 times this is what you are going to get,’ a lot, like that. 99. It is dangerous. It is like giving a machine gun to a boy. It is giving a surgeon’s weapon, a surgeon’s knife, okay, to a man who cannot control his movements.

So in our way, not too much permission to do. The only Asmaul Husna that we are doing is in the zikrs that we are doing, and even that is by inspiration or permission. Ya Halim is good for these days. Ya Hafiz is good. We recite that a hundred times a day. Why I’m saying it’s dangerous also is because it comes with a lot of power, but then if you are still not trained and you are in dirtiness, then there is more danger to that. To memorize it is good. You are memorizing and you are repeating anyway, no? InsyaAllah. That, in the Naksibendi way, we are supposed to recite that every Fajr, the 99 names of Allah. That’s why we pray a little bit quickly, because we have so much to do. This is all Sunnats that we are doing, including before you call the Kamat for the Farz prayer of Fajr, you have to lie down on your right side for a split second. Prophet (AS) used to do that. The meaning for that, and then there’s a prayer. It’s Ayats of the Quran we are supposed to recite, the Imam would know these Ayats more than me, I’m not a scholar, it’s saying ‘from the earth I come, and to the earth I’m going to return.’ Eh, you say Inna Lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un, then you say Allahumma thabitna al iman, ‘Ya Rabbi, raise me with faith,’ when you are getting up, and then you say ‘Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.’ So the meaning to that is, we want our grave to be just like a split second. You die, you lay in your grave split, and you wake up for Judgment Day saying ‘Allahu Akbar.’

Remembrance of Death is very important. We are wearing Turbans to remind us of Death. Prophet (AS) is saying ‘if you remember Death forty times a day and you die on that day, you will be passing away, you will be dying as a martyr.’ So everything must make us to come closer to Allah. But this is not a Tarikat, just you are going to memorize things. I was speaking to the women, this is not medrese. Of course, everyone must know basics, I am not saying it is not important. But the Tasawwuf and Tarikats, it is like university. In the university, it’s not, especially higher knowledge university, it is not memorizing facts. Now you have to have critical thinking. Now you must question. Higher level you go, they will even say ‘whatever you learned up till now, forget about it. Total garbage. So there is a lot of thinking in this way. Not philosophy, opening your book. This book will be opened on Judgment Day, anyway. Understanding your intentions, your actions and your intentions. Be very clear what you are doing, why you are doing it.

They say in Tarikat it is forbidden for you to say ‘why?’ to the Sheykh, but it is a question you must always ask yourself, why. Same question we are going to be asked on Judgment Day, why you did it. Judgment Day you cannot hide. Everything and everyone will betray you. Your hands will betray you, your feet will betray you, your eyes will betray you. You don’t open your book and read it now, and clean up your book, on Judgment Day, everything will be opened in front of Allah and His Prophet. We don’t want that. We want Allah to cover our book. We are saying ‘Ya Rabbi, Ya Allah, cover me with the Most Beautiful cover.’ It’s not just words, now. How are you covering your wrong things right now, in this world? There is a problem if you don’t even think you are doing wrong things. Then how are you going to cover? If no one can say anything to you, to critique you, that means you believe you don’t make any mistakes. If you don’t believe you make mistakes, then how can you have any cover? In fact, in this way, we are saying ‘we are the greatest sinners.’ Why we must say that? Because the Prophet (AS) is saying ‘my Shafaat is for the people in my nation who commit the great sins.’

How many Muslims are believing they are making great sins? But if you are cleaning yourself, you notice, one moment of forgetting Allah, forgetting to give shukur, being angry, being stubborn, that is a great sin. Then that is the time you will ask for Shafaat. He is the Prophet of Mercy. You ask and he will give. He’s not going to give when we ask for Shafaat? But what is it that we want? Why do we want it? If we are asking to get rid of our wrong characteristics, it will come. The most difficult thing for a man is to follow another man. He says ‘he’s just like me. He knows less than me. He is too black, he is too white, he’s too brown, he’s too yellow, too short, too tall.’ Something. ‘He’s made of clay, I’m made of fire.’ Something. But you are looking at the external. If you have eyes of the heart, you see what is inside, what is behind that, then you are not going to be tricked by your eyes, because your heart will open, insyaAllah. That one will test you. You think you are going to say ‘I love,’ and you are not going to be tested? May we pass, insyaAllah. Tamam. Selam Aleykum.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
28 Rabiul Ahir 1443
2 December 2021

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