What are the sources of the feelings of anger and jealousy?


Question: Sheytan was jealous of Adam (as), Qabil was also jealous of Habil, and they have anger and arrogance. What are the sources of those feelings, and how does it start? What is the trigger point of that, usually?

Thinking that you are better, but that one is being raised. ‘Why that one is being raised? He is lower. Why I’m not being raised? I am higher. Why that one is being praised? He did nothing. Why that one is being praised? He just came. Why that one is being praised? He doesn’t know anything.’ These are the things that, in Tarikat, you are going to be tested, a lot. Same thing, you are saying correctly, same thing, thousands of years ago, never changing, the ego of the man. The Sheykh, you are doing so much, never saying anything to you, good job, someone who just came yesterday did something, he is going to praise that one. He is testing your ego. There are reasons.

The Sheykh is not just doing that for fun. Everything has to be with you, you must know yourself. The Sheykh sees it, and he is going to think seven thousand times how to make you to see it. ‘Maybe this angle, this angle, it’s not going to work. How about this one?’ Sometimes it takes a lifetime for you just to understand it. Depends on how blind you are, how stubborn you are, how drunk you are. Yes, being drunk, drunk in ghaflat, that is the worst sin in Islam. Sheytan had knowledge. But what is this arrogance coming from? Why he let it to overtake him? We are being trained for that so that it doesn’t overtake us. It’s like you are driving a car top speed, and because you are in ghaflat, you fall asleep, you crash, it’s okay. But what if someone else, something else takes over the wheel? Then you are in big trouble. The point is to be able to control it. Why does a man think he’s better? He doesn’t know himself. He doesn’t know himself enough. Even if he does so much, but he’s concentrating on what he’s done good. He doesn’t know himself when he’s not doing so many things, or when he’s doing wrong things. In reality, if you want to be praised for every good thing that you are doing, then to be fair you have to be punished for every bad thing that you are doing. Oh, but wrong things we want to be forgiven. In the spiritual way, good things must be hidden too. And if you do so, you think the Sheykh doesn’t know? There must be a reason. Then you have to think.

You think you are better, maybe 99% of your time you don’t think you are better, but you let go of that steering wheel, you cannot control it, and that 1%, that one time, one minute, you say things to someone. You cannot take those words back. The damage is already done. If the Sheykh doesn’t step it, it may take years. So who do we think we are? We are servants. Why do we think we are better? If you are aware of the wrong things that you have done, or thought about, then you are going to give more shukur, you are not going to be able to look down to someone else. You are going to see, even if that one is dirty, at least that one didn’t make the sin that I did. In the west, they are saying ‘oh, that means that we have to love every sin and love everyone.’ No, it doesn’t mean that. The action is wrong, but we have no permission to judge the person like that. Because if Allah lets go of our rope, we are going to do worse than that one.

Control yourself. Like what Sheykh Mevlana says in the sohbet, we give you the ammunition and we give you the weapons to fight against your ego and sheytan. If you go to war, we train you to be a soldier. But we are not going to be next to you when the enemy is in front of you. That time you have to fight. You have enough in front of you, you have the ammunition, you have the weapons, you have sohbets, you have intelligence. Why are you not fighting? Then you are stupid, you are lazy. We cannot be so easily tricked. Don’t you know, the dua that we are making, ‘ya Rabbi, just as fire destroys wood, so anger destroys all my good deeds, jealousy destroys all my good deeds,’ it’s not very smart to do that over and over again, right?

That’s why the way of Tasawwuf is difficult, but it is necessary, because you are going to be asked all these questions on the day of Judgment also. Everyone will be asked, believer and unbeliever. It’s not just Sufi people who are going to be asked, believer and unbeliever are going to be asked. ‘You did this. Why did you do it? For whose sake did you do it? Who is your Lord?’ That is the first question Angels are going to ask. So many Muslims are saying ‘I must memorize the meanings to all these questions, and then when I die I’m going to be able to say it.’ Whoever that you are worshiping, whatever that you are worshiping, you are going to say ‘that is my Lord.’ What is in your heart. So many, their ego is in their heart, themselves. They are worshiping to themselves. So many they are going to say ‘gold, money.’ Maybe they are the most religious people, but it is the heart that is important. You are not concerned about the heart, then you are in trouble. Physically the heart is the most important. Spiritually the heart is also the most important. Physically you are going to go to the heart doctor, perform the most delicate surgery. Tabibul Qulub, the Doctors of the Heart, will perform, must perform surgery on you, otherwise you are going to be in big trouble.

We are nobody. We don’t know too much. But we are looking, we are saying, ‘today I’m worshiping money too much. That is my lord. I don’t remember my Lord so much. Astaghfirullah.’ Sit down somewhere, say ‘astaghfirullah Ya Rabbi, make me to become better the next day.’ Slowly, slowly, even if you are dealing with money, you are going to remember your Lord, because you are fixing yourself. No one needs to tell you anything, you don’t need to read. There is an autocorrect inside of you. That time, you remember your Lord. That’s the time when you make real zikr. That time, you are going to look at everything as a sign coming from your Lord. ‘What is my Lord trying to tell me now? What is it that I need to do?’

So, however people are praising yourself, you must be real. You must know your dirtiness. Concentrate on that, then that time no one can fool you. They can praise you, you are not going to fly. They will curse at you, you are not going to sink, because you know yourself. You are not going to get fooled so easy. You understand? InsyaAllah.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
28 Rabiul Ahir 1443
2 December 2021

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