We are Osmanli, we are pek sanli, we are Ottomans and we are very honored. Allah has honored us with that. So many dropped it today. So many are attacking the Ottomans also. They can attack in any way. It doesn’t matter. Allah keeps them high and they are high. And we are very honored holding them high and we are going to hold them high. We are not good for anything. We know that. What they did, it is impossible for us to do. But at least we say, “Ya Rabbi! We love them. We love what they did because they did it for Your sake and for Your Prophet’s sake.”

If we hold that high, Allah will keep us high. If we drop it down, we are dropping ourselves down. Through history we are seeing from individuals to groups of people to nations, that when they kept the orders of Allah, Allah kept them high. As soon as they dropped it down, He took it away from them and He gave it to another nation. We must be the nominees to say, “We are the nominees, Ya Rabbi, trying to hold this very high. We are knowing our power that we have no power. We are very weak ones, very weak servants. We are asking support from You. If support is coming from You to us then we are the most strong ones. And don’t let us to deviate from the Sirat-ul Mustaqim.”

Peace comes with the Ottomans

For anybody who is running for peace, peace comes with the Ottomans. There is no
other peace. Peace is coming only with that ruling. Rightly guided leaders of
Islam can bring peace to Muslims, to Christians and to Jews because the stories
are showing to us that they were in the Balkans for 500 years and peace was there.
As soon as they moved out, no peace. They were in the Middle East and there was  peace there. As soon as they moved out, no peace. They were in Caucasus and there was peace there. As soon as they moved out, no peace. There is no peace in Iran, there is no peace in Afghanistan and there is no peace anywhere. When these unbelievers are coming to us with that kind of nonsense talks, don’t
believe. Look at your history. Muslims must know their history first for them
to be able to understand the hadiths and the ayats. If you don’t know the
history of Islam then you cannot understand the hadith of the Holy Prophet (sws).

The best ruling system that ever happened is the Ottoman Empire

The United Nations is making surveys and it is coming through sometimes. They made the United Nations to say, “Say to us what is the best ruling system in this world. We have been trying for one hundred years but it’s not working. We are electing presidents, prime ministers, this and that. We have Jumhurriyet. We make Jumhurriyet. But it’s not working. We have Republics. People’s government. It’s not working.” So the United Nations searched and they said, “The best ruling system for man is to have Kingdoms, to have Kings to rule.” They said, “Oh! Can you give us some examples?” (UN said) “The best one that ever happened, that ruled the people of different religions, different backgrounds, different races, different this and different that is the Ottoman Empire.” So they said to them, “Quickly put that report off the records. Don’t show it to the world. It took us one hundred years to bring that one down. Now we cannot go to tell them that this was the best one.”

The first one is the Republic of Turkey saying, “Quickly cover it. Don’t say it to the world. We have Jumhurriyet now.” It’s not working. And it’s not going to work. Not Jumhurriyet, you can elect one million presidents, it’s not going to work. Because if the President is a common person like you and me then it’s not going to work. The ruling one must be receiving some powers from the higher stations, not from the feet. He must be wiser than me.

The Kings had to be the best among their people

The kings at that time had to be the best among their people, as a swordsman or running with the horse or wrestling or in any other way they had to be the best one. Otherwise, people were not accepting saying, “If I wrestle you and I can bring you down then how can I accept you to be ruling me. My ego is always going to say that I am better than you this way.” So the kings were being trained to be the best ones in everything. And when they were going to the war they were going in front of the army. Not all the way back with bodyguards to have protection like today.

Mashallah. Subhanallah! Today, leave the worldly leaders, the sheykhs and imams have bodyguards around them.

“Can I speak to the Sheykh?”

The bodyguard goes, “Don’t come near to the Sheykh!” “Why?” “We cannot trust you.”

What kind of Sheykh are you going to be if a common person who knows a couple of moves is going to protect you? You have no protection from the heavenly stations. Not one, you can have one thousand bodyguards, if That One wants to bring you down, (Sheykh points his cane like a gun), one bullet and you come down right away.

Do you think anybody can be protected better than the American President? Who can be protected more? Which government has the technology and all that money to protect their presidents? But when Allah meant to bring that one down, with one bullet, tak… Kennedy, Goodbye. In front of his people and in front of the television. It’s a lesson for mankind to understand that if you are not receiving protection from the heavenly station, then man’s protection is nothing. Today your bodyguards can turn around and knock you down also. Isn’t that what happened to the Indian Indira Gandhi? Her own bodyguard turned around at her… tak. He must be knowing something or else why did he do that? So if the protection is not coming to a man from the heavenly station then he is not under any protection. He is finished. If an imam or a sheykh needs protection from his people then that one is not a leader. It’s finished. Leadership is gone. So they make the whole mankind today to be running. The intelligent ones, the smart ones, studying ones, non-studying ones, educated ones, university ones, kindergarten ones, everyone is saying, “We want to elect our President.”

Which muslim country is now ruling?

Ottoman Empire. Empire! How many empires the world has ever seen? How many? It’s gone. Look what happened to the Muslims. Which Muslim country is now ruling and can say, “This is what’s going to happen,” and everyone is going to listen to that one? None. The Turks. Turks became the quickest to curse their own grandfathers. No nation in history has ever turned around cursing their grandfathers. But the Turks became number one. Cursing the Sultans. Because that’s what the Westerners wanted them to do. The Muslims turned around and started cursing too saying, “They kept us under this ruling and that’s why we fell behind.” I was in Syria talking with a guy. He started praising the Ottomans when they were in that area and a little bit later he says,

“But they had some faults.”

I said, “What were their faults.”

He said, “They left us behind in technology.”

I said, “How long ago were the Ottomans in this area when they were ruling?”

He says, “Almost a hundred years ago.”

I said, “America a hundred years ago didn’t have anything. Go and look at America now. Look at Syria today. What do you have? You have your freedom. What did you do with that freedom? You went forward or backward?”

Turks are cursing their grandfathers saying, “They left us behind. They only knew how to go up and down.” But now you are begging Europeans saying, “Please take us into Europe.” They didn’t beg. They came to Europe and said, “Change your laws. I don’t like it. It doesn’t fit to Islam.” So the French that are against you now, they were shivering saying, “The Ottomans said to change the rules. So we must change it.”

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