Question and Answer



Grandsheykh of Naksibendi Tarikat, Sheykh Mevlana Muhammad Nazim

  1. Must a Muslim be in a Tariqa?
  2. How do we respond to those who slander our Tarikat as a cult?” 
  3. Why do you not join other groups under Tawhid and not separate into different groups? 
  4. What is Shaykh? What is Murshid? What is Mureed? What is Khalifa, Wakeel and Murad?
  5. How will the division within Tariqats be fixed? 
  6. Is Naksibendi Hakkani Tarikat is a deviation from ‘ Real Islam.’ ?
  7. Why A Difference in the Kissing of Nails Upon Hearing The Prophet’s (S) Name During Jummah? 
  8. Can You Tell Us The Benefits Of Wearing The Na’al Shareef (The Prophet’s Sandal)? 
  9. What Is The Difference Between Thinking In The Way Tariqat Teaches And Being Doubtful? 
  10. Can I give my heart to Sheykh Effendi? And if so, what are the steps? 
  11. What is the meaning of Beyat?
  12. What is the first step in joining Dergah?  
  13. How do we become friends with the Friends of Allah?
  14. What should I do to people who insinuate and ask me questions about Islam and Tarikat that I am unable to answer? 
  15. What is mountain of Qaff? 
  16. Sufism has always been closely associated with the whirling dervishes. Can you explain the role of these whirling dervishes in Islam?
  17. How to achieve Divine love? 
  18. Is the goal of Sufism to make one become a Saint or a Servant? 
  19. What Is The Meaning Behind Mawlana Rumi’s Poem, “…There Is A Field, I’ll Meet You There.”? 
  20. How does one know if they are on the right path?
  21. What is the best way to thoroughly purify oneself and to consciously do so every single day?
  22. Before his veiling, Sheykh Effendi was obstructed and ridiculed in doing his work. How did he respond to this?
  23. Find yourself through the intelligence of the Prophet and the Friends of Allah.
  24. How can one keep the jamaat strong in these days, especially when other jamaats try to put doubts on following our Shaykh’s ways ?
  25. A Sincere servant looks only to please his master
  26. What should one do when they want to follow a Tarikat or Sheykh but has doubts on which one to follow? What signs should they wait for?
  27. What causes us to deviate from the way of our Prophet (asws)?
  28. Run to be Servants

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  1. The training of a mureed.
  2. How can I join the Dergah?
  3. What should one do when ‘losing control’ after joining the Tarikat? 
  4. How do I make my mind sharper? 
  5.  I find myself making many mistakes.I feel as though I have betrayed our Shaykh’s way.
  6. What Can One Do To Hasten The Shaykh In Finding The Mureed? 
  7. Television Is An Addiction For Me, What Should I Do?
  8. How do we know that we are on the right track and that our Shaykh is please with us?
  9. Can We Love Sheykh Abdulkerim And At The Same Time Love Other Sheykhs And Awliya?
  10. What Are The Signs Of Submission?
  11. If The Shaykh Is Going To Break The Old Cup, How Should We Prepare For That?
  12. Could our Sheykh’s Khalifa tell us how he met Sheykh Effendi? How I met Sheykh Effendi?
  13. How can I get the love of SahibulSaif? 
  14. There Seems To Be Very Few Older Aged Mureeds In Our Way. Why Is This?
  15. Is it more difficult to be in this jamaat than others even inside the Naksibendi Tarikat?
  16. Sheykh’s Test On Mureeds.
  17. How Should We Properly Show Our Thanks To Sh.Effendi When He Sends His Support?
  18. What Will Happen To The World If Sultan Ul-Awliya Leaves This World?
  19. How Can I Obtain The Love Of My Sheykh When I Am Such A Weak One?
  20. How would you advise the many Naksibendi murids around the world to serve the dergah?
  21. Until We Reach The Ocean
  22. Can Murids who aren’t there physically with Lokman Efendi still progress in Tarikat?
  23. I want to earn the pleasure of Allah, increase my sustenance and be close to you. What can I do?
  24. What can I do to make me get back on track again?
  25. How are we supposed to behave with parents who are against the Dergah?
  26. How Does Brotherhood Divide?
  27. How do I know if I’m being sincere and not making a show?
  28. What was the blessing in Uwais al-Qarani not being able to visit the Holy Prophet (asws)? 
  29. Why is gaining Taqwa easy for some but takes longer for others?
  30. Guard yourself from the evil of the tongue
  31. Miracles in the Winter Time
  32. Take care of the most precious Emanet of your Sheykh
  33. How should we deal with our close ones who are against Tarikat?
  34. I hear in so many sohbets that some murids are stuck or not changing. What is the reason?
  35. I feel anger when someone ridicules my sheykh. The anger does not leave me for a long time and affects me negatively. How can I control that anger?
  36. I feel that I joined Tarikat late and it upsets me. How do I catch up?
  37. I’m a humble murid about to go on Umrah soon. What would you advise me to do?

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  1. How does one shine their heart? 
  2. The faith of the Prophet (as) and the Sahabi; Is it possible and how can one attain it? 
  3. How did the Prophet (asws) served his Ummah during day and night?
  4. Where do spirits go after a person dies but their body is not buried?
  5. Difficult to wake up for fajr. Why is this happening and what can I do?
  6. How Can We Divert Our Love For A Person To The Love Of Allah SWT?
  7. What Can One Do When They Experience Spiritual Emptiness?
  8. Why Is It I Do Not Seem To Love Holy Prophet (asws) Like Some People Do?
  9. Which books should we read? From where and how should we seek knowledge?
  10. How can we tell the difference between being tested (trials) and being punished?
  11. I Feel Low And Distanced From Allah. What To Do?
  12. Can You Please Give Examples Of Time Wasters That Kill Our Faith?
  13. Are You Running to Please Allah swt?
  14. How can I keep my daily prayers with increasing love?
  15. What is our Destination?
  16. Were Krishna and Buddha prophets sent by Allah?
  17. How Do We Explain The Importance Of Abu Bakr (ra) Without Putting Down The Ahlul Bayt? 
  18. How can we reach to the state of Passion and keep it in our everyday lives?
  19. How do you find peace and happiness when you are surrounded by negativity and selfish people?
  20. How Can One Understand More About Spiritual Relationships?
  21. What Did Sheykh Effendi (Hz) Mean That All Faith Will Be Gone In 7 Years Time?
  22. What gives Honor to a man?
  23. What are you expecting when you are doing things?
  24. What is best to recite during late night prayer and how many rakaats should we pray? 
  25. We are a music group in Turkey that performs only Ilahi songs in different styles. What is your advice for us? 
  26. If someone came to you and asked about Taqwa and how to praise Allah, His Rasul (asws), and our Sheykh, how would you praise him?
  27. How can we put our ideas and intentions into action?
  28. What is the right way for the heart to be clean and healthy?
  29. What lessons can we learn from those who left the way?
  30. What is the best way to thoroughly purify oneself and to consciously do so every single day? 
  31. This ummat is saying the Shahadat of Prophets, But this ummat is sleeping, especially in the Ahir Zaman.
  32. Why does the price of happiness increase as we get older ?
  33. I sit next to good company of religious people, but still end up sinning when I am with myself. What should I do?
  34. The key to happiness in this life and the Hereafter
  35. ‘O Bani Adam, do not worship sheytan, Verily he is an open enemy to you!’
  36. I sit next to good company of religious people, but still end up sinning when I am with myself. What should I do?
  37. How do we have courage in the way of Allah and leaving dunia things? 
  38. How do we keep hope?
  39. The Liar Within You
  40. Uways al-Qarani
  41. What is the Day of Promises?
  42. My ego does not want to love the Prophet (asws). I recite salawats but they are not sincere enough. How can I begin to love the Prophet?
  43. How do we protect our secrets?
  44. I struggle to wake up for Fajr. How can I be stronger and have more Discipline?
  45. How can a Muslim be assured of Paradise?
  46. What is your destination:  Jannat or Jahannam?
  47. How to stop being a Munafiq?
  48. What happens when you can feel capability of yourself, but don’t do it for deen and dunya purpose?
  49. When Allah is at the centre of your priority in life
  50. Judge yourself before you are judged
  51. How are we going to know if our Shahadat is accepted or not?
  52. How do I become content with the will of Allah?
  53. How can I stand by and be faithful to my tawba?
  54. If Bible and Quran is from Allah, why do they disagree with each other?

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  1. Which zikr will help me to reach ALLAH (swt) the quickest?
  2. Why Is The Osmanli Loud Zikr Very Powerful And Aggressive?
  3. The Secrets of Zikr 
  4. What is the Khatm-e-Khaja-gaan which the leaders of Tariqat read? And what are the benefits?
  5. What am I supposed to focus on while making Zikr and Salawat?
  6. Proper edep in Zikr
  7. Why do we forget the Day of Promises and the first Zikr of Naksibendi? How can we remember those days?

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ahir zaman

  1. How will we know when Mahdi (a.s) has come to the world?
  2. Why is the Muslim world silent to the destruction of Mecca and Medina?
  3. The revival of Islam, is the day very close?
  4. How do you know which ‘movement’ will bring the Ummah to Mahdi and Khilafat? 
  5. How do we prepare our families for life without electricity?
  6. Can Muslims make alliances with the kuffar and start establishing an Islamic State? 
  7. Movements to bring back Dinar and Dirham. What is your stand on this?
  8. Why are there still no trace of Imam Mahdi (as)?
  9. What is Mahdi (a.s) coming to do?
  10. How Are Muslims Going To Wake Up When Their Leaders Are Already Bought?
  11. What are Wahhabis and are they Muslim?
  12. Since the Veiling of Sheykh Maulana, so many things have happened around the world. People are starting to panic and come up with so many theories of Hz Mahdi (as) and Akhir Zaman. What is your advice?
  13. What is the sign before the appearance of Mahdi (as) in the world?
  14. How does this Ahir Zaman affect a person and who is qualified to enter Tarikat?
  15. “In Ahir Zaman, the Feet Will Become the Head”
  16. The Masjids of Allah in Ahir Zaman
  17. The fitna of Ahir Zaman
  18. How long until the Shariat will retun as a ruling system?
  19. Why is trust decreasing day by day between people? 
  20. Why does the Ulama attack each other even though they are Sunnis?
  21. When the Muslim World left the way of Rahmatil Alamin
  22. The Ummat is sick and dying, where are our doctors?
  23. What will happen to those who are not strong enough when Mahdi (as) appears?
  24. Why has the support been lifted in these times?
  25. Why are there division in Islam such as Sunni, Shia and Salafis?


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  1. Was Hagia Sophia taken rightfully or was it wrongly stolen and should be returned?
  2. Why did the Ottoman Empire collapse?
  3. Does our interest in the Ottomans betray our own culture and history?
  4. Are There Instructions From Shaykh Nazim To Sh. Abdul Kerim To Declare His Jamaat As Osmanli?
  5. What Is The Relationship Between Tariqat And The Ottomans?
  6. “Why is the Osmanli Dergah based in New York?”
  7. What is the truth behind the supposed Fratricide between Ottoman Princes?
  8. Was the Battle of Gallipoli (Canakkale) a momentous occasion in Islam?
  9. Why is it that the Ottomans could build Mesjids and architecture so much more beautifully than the other dynasties before them?
  10. The Great Seljuks and The Exalted Ottomans
  11. An Enemy of the Ottomans is an Enemy of the Ummah
  12. The Osmanli Way – We have a journey and we must make it before Azrail reaches us.
  13. Receiving test in the Osmanli Naksibendi Way
  15. Osmanli Dergahi
  16. Wake up your sleeping legend
  17. Commemoration for the Battle of Gallipoli
  18. I notice that the Ottomans  were very creative, and I am so plain and robotic. How can I be like the Ottomans?

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attracted to dunya

  1. People with the love of dunya wear me out, including my family. What should I do? 
  2. Should I run away from Dunya?
  3. What is the difference between being ‘materialistic’ and appreciating what is given to you? What is it like being proud and happy?
  4. How do I cope with my failure in dunya?
  5. If this dunya is fitna, why was this world created?
  6. Is It Possible To Balance Dunya And Islam?
  7. The Job of Dunya and Shaytan is to fool us
  8. Everyone has lost their heads living in a fake world
  9. You are a Prisoner in this World
  10. When the world of Islam is unbalanced, the entire world becomes unbalanced
  11. When power comes from the feet, world turns into Hell
  12. I’m a humble murid about to go on Umrah soon. What would you advise me to do?
  13. How do we have courage in the way of Allah and leaving dunia things? I have come to realize that fears motivates my ego. How can I not be a coward?

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daily prayer

  1. What can I do to prepare myself for the month of Rajab?
  2. How Can We Find Laylatul Qadr?
  3. How Does One Know If Their Baraat Has Been Accepted?
  4. Where are mu’mins in the month of the prophet (sws)?
  5. The Excellence Of Shaban Shahrun Nabi Over Other Months.
  6. The Mi’raj Came From The Hardships Suffered By The Holy Prophet (asws).
  7. Allah Complains About the Ummah In The Night of Mi’raj.
  8. The Laylatul Mi’raj And Its Value.
  9. What Are The Most Important Seeds We Can Plant In Rajab?
  10. Run To Do More Worship In the Month of Rajab.
  11. Ramazan – Think And See With The Nur Of Allah.
  12. Ramazan – Allah’s Most Precious Gift To His Creation 
  13. Welcoming Ramazan – Are you running to please Allah swt?
  14. I Find Myself Making Mistakes In Shaban. What Is The Reason For This And Your Advice?
  15. Shaytan And Your Nafs Will Bring You Down During The Holy Days and Nights.
  16. Sitting In The Live Broadcast Associations, Are They Considered Ibadat in Ramazan? 
  17. I Have Committed Unforgivable Sins During Some Holy Nights Of Ramadan. What Should I do?
  18. How do we suppress our ego to make Ramadan more consistent?
  19. Should one give importance to preparing Iftar or reading Quran?
  20. What is the importance of the first ten days of Dzulhijjah and how should one prepare for it?
  21. Can you share some of Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi’s experiences from his trip to the Hajj?
  22. What is the value of your Pilgrimage to the House of Allah?
  23. How can we celebrate the birth of our Prophet (asws) because it’s the birth of our Prophet (asws), not because of the food and enjoyment?
  24. How should we prepare for Mawlid?
  25. Mevlid: A Reflection of True Love and Devotion.
  26. Mevlid : Real Ottomans Hold On To The Risalat of The Holy Prophet (asws)
  27. Mevlid : Continuing the Mission of Rasulullah under the Flag of SahibulSaif

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pious woman

  1. How the wives of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (asws) and the Sahaba lived and how they balanced their daily duties?
  2. What Should One Do If Their Husband Is Not Pleased When They Have Joined Tariqat? 
  3. Does Allah SWT Bestow Mercy On Men More Than On Women? Oct 13
  4. How can I learn about the attributes of women saints and wives of Prophet (S)?
  5. What can I say to the enemies of Islam about Hz. Aisha and her marriage to the Prophet (S). ?
  6. For A Women If They Feel That They Have Fallen, How Can They Work Back Up? 
  7. What is the importance of mother in Islam?
  8. What are the basic responsibilities of a mureeda toward her parents who are against dergah? 
  9. Hold Your Tongue And Not Interfere With What Doesn’t Concern You
  10. The Sickness of Feminism- Story of Prophet Suleiman (a.s)
  11. Why is my prayer to have a child not being answered?
  12. Does Paradise lie under your mother’s feet?
  13. Teach your Children Manners
  14. So many women scholars are called “Shaykha” and “Ustadha” is this Islamically acceptable?
  15. How should a woman control her jealousy?

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death is life

  1. What Can We Do To Withstand The Pain Of Death?
  2. Why Must We Remember Death?
  3. If I die while wearing western clothing, will I die in a state of Kufr?
  4. In Ramazan since the doors of Heaven are open, will non-Muslims who die go straight to Heaven?
  5.  Work to open the right side window of your grave to Paradise
  6. We Came from Allah and We are Returning Back to Him
  7. Remember often the destroyer of all Pleasures

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Hoja Effendi on Ashura

  1. Why is my prayer to have a child not being answered?”
  2. How Can We Make Our Children To Be Obedient To Us?
  3. Why do people, Muslims included, still practice black magic? Can they be forgiven?
  4. Can a Muslim be on life support?
  5. Is It Important To Know Our Lineage?
  6. What Can A Young Man Do To Protect His Eyes From Haram?
  7. What is the proper way to give Zakāt to watch other’s rights?
  8. What Is The Treatment For Depression From A Sufi Perspective?
  9. What Is The Islamic Method Of Visiting A Janazah?
  10. Is technology from jinn influence? 
  11. What is the proper adab for going to a grave of your family member and the tomb of a Saint or Holy one?
  12. Should People Get Married As Young As They Did In The Past?
  13. Are Muslims allowed to have lavish weddings?
  14. Please define Backbiting.
  15. Are Interracial Marriages Okay In Islam?
  16. Does our name affect our spirit and what is the best way to choose a proper name? A
  17. Is it bad not to eat meat? As a Muslim, should I eat meat?
  18. What causes people to want to make Fitnah?
  19. Many soldiers during the later period of the Ottoman Empire had moustaches. Is it also permissible for today’s murids of Shaykh Mawlana Nazim to have moustache or goatee? 
  20. What can we say to non-Muslims that will give benefit to them? 
  21. Is Music Halal in Tariqat? 
  22. How can someone be forgiven after consuming alcohol? 
  23. Is laziness a disease, is procrastination a diease ? If they are then what are the motivating factors to get rid of such things ?
  24. Is absent mindedness a disease of the spirit? If so how do we fight the disease?
  25. How can I subdue  the habit of playing video games again?
  26. It is difficult for me to get rid of some cultural tendencies. However I can relate more to the Osmanli style. How can I adapt? 
  27. Are we allowed to give charity to homeless individuals on the street?
  28. Is it necessary to recite anything when seeing physically or mentally disabled person?
  29. How do we fall into illusions and delusions?
  30. What is meant by “Socializing” in the way of our Sheykh?
  31. How can I have more control over my tongue?

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