O My Beloved Sultan


O My Beloved Sultan


We remember when we showed this video to Sheykh Effendi.

Because Mesut wrote a poem and it was so beautiful. Mesut is Pakistani but he wrote a poem in Turkish. So he said, ‘we must make this into a song. Not only a song, people should be reciting the song, we’ll make a music video, people should be reciting the song into 11  languages because Sheykh Effendi’s birthday is on the 11/11.’

He go so many people to work on the video and everyone reciting it in their own language. He got me to recite it in my own language too. I remember sitting there hearing Chinese language.

I was upstairs and they were downstairs.They were working on it until two, three o’clock in the morning. MashaAllah for them. They did good. Alhamdulillah.

The poem, as everybody knows, is describing and thanking Allah for Sheykh Effendi, and it’s done in very simple language that can be translated into any language and it still sounds like a poetry. We know that some poetry, in one language if you do it in another language, it doesn’t sound like a poetry so much. But this one, because it was written simple, in another language it shows a different color, a different sound, a different heybet coming through.

I remember Sheykh Effendi sitting down listening to all the different languages and he is saying, ‘this language is heybet, this is heybet.’ He’s feeling now the different secrets coming through different languages, with different people, when they are praising Allah and His Prophet, and when they are, not praising him, but praising the Awliya Allah, those ones who are walking in the footsteps, because we never mention Sheykh Effendi by name in that poem, and he is taking everything that we are praising for him and he is putting it to Sheykh Mevlana.

So that is so beautiful. That is so perfect. MashaAllah.

InshaAllah ar-Rahman, may our work be accepted. We are doing this, for the sake of Allah and His Prophet. Who knows inshaAllah, in time, we are going to make it into one hundred and eleven languages. Because the Ottomans, they are coming back and with the Ottomans, they come with the original languages. Ottomans never say to people, ‘Change your language. Now change the way you dress, change everything. You come like a robot.’ No. They say, ‘keep your secrets, keep the Divine secrets that Allah has given to each nation. Keep your language because there is secret that is in there.

Alhamdulillah, selam Aleykum warahmatullah. Welcome to everyone who is watching this and we are hoping that, inshaAllah,  in the future to have more of this activities, more of this projects, so that people will reach out, people can reach out to Sheykh Effendi easily through so many different ways. Alhamdulillah.

“Ey Güneşin Işığı”

O Light of the Sun,

O Beauty of the Moon,

O Glimmer of the Stars,

O My Beloved Sultan.

You are the Glory of the Saints,

You are the Soul of the Lovers,

You are the Crown of the Dervishes,

O My Beloved Sultan.

Your eyes are our life,

Your smile is our support,

Your reality is our origin,

O My Beloved Sultan.

I am a beggar at your door,

I am a slave in your presence,

I am mad in your love,

O My Beloved Sultan.

O Dear Dervish, wake up,

Come and fulfill your destiny,

Until your last breath, call out,

O My Beloved Sultan…

Now, we are going to watch a little bit and we are going to understand and enjoy it a little bit and appreciate, reappreciate our Sheykh.

SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

– Hoja Lokman Effendi

Ey Güneşin Işığı, SEVDiĞiM SULTANIM (11 Dilde – 11 Languages)

2 Responses to O My Beloved Sultan

  1. Ka says:

    We love you sheikh. Fatiha.

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