True Mursyid

Specially dedicated to Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi,

The first time I laid my eyes on you, fear sets in and my heart
beats fast and I just stood speechless not knowing what to say                                             Cos the truth is, at that point in time,                                                                                           t
his life is just a series of meaningless and empty dreams.

Do not you hear my heartfelt cries?                                                                                              How much I have, in silence, in tranquility,                                                                               betrayed Lord’s divine orders                                                                                                       Symbol of a feeble faith I have carried thus far.

Then you came…

and filled every space in my heart                                                                                                 with pure and sincere love to the Lord Almighty                                                                   Beads of tears start streaming down                                                                                             like splashes of crystal clear water falling from the sky                                                              as you guide this helpless self to endure the bitterness of storm ….

Should I rejoice? should I stay gloom?                                                                                           I can’t decide, when life’s philosophy takes a different turn                                                       leaning heavily towards defending divine order of Allah Almighty                                     This ephimeral life decides the choice of life destiny

You’re like a burning candle that got itself burnt to light our way
Yet you stand so strongly with a flaming spirit which remain undaunted                            To defend the Truth, To defend Islam                                                                                       Amidst enduring cruel affliction                                                                                                    by fellow  brothers of the same faith                                                                                               A sign of integrity and uprightness in a True Mursyid,

 Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi

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