Divine Wisdom

Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Sultan

These words are for me and for you. Anybody who is going to read, it’s for them. First it’s for me and then it’s for you. If you think that there’s some benefit in it then take it. If you think, “I heard another thing before”, then hear that, and put this aside. But you are going to face this one day. You and I, we are going to face this one day. We are going to see this one day and then we are not going to be able to escape. They are going to say to us, “Did anybody come to warn you?” You are not going to be able to say, “No”. I am not going to be able to say, “No”. What I am doing is harder than what you are doing. You just have to hear and obey. Me, I have to receive what is coming from my Sheykh to obey and to do and then try to give to you.  If you don’t like it then don’t take it. Leave it.

I take it to myself. I did my part and I wish and I hope that those who are listening to this, they will do their part to win for their own case. Every creature is very special to Allah only when they obey Him and His Prophet (saw). If they don’t, they have no value in the Divine Presence.’ – Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi Hz

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Don’t forget that this world is only three days.  You are a believer, that’s how you are going to look at it.  It is just three days. Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yesterday is past and tomorrow is unknown. So prepare to earn for today and prepare yourself for Allah. Nothing else.

If you are becoming slave to this world, how are you going to become a servant to Allah?

Things may have changed but the matter of faith is never going to change. The lifestyle has changed but the faith is never going to change.

Islam is not something which you talk about it. Islam is not something to debate! Islam, it is a lifestyle. You have to put it in your life! 

Peace is not coming with how much you are eating, how much you are drinking, what you are wearing, what kind of places you are living, what kind of cars you are driving, what kind of worldly titles you are having. No. How is your relationship between you and your Lord? More that is growing; more peace is coming into our heart.

For you believing in Allah, Allah is not getting greater. For you not believing, Allah is not losing. For us believing, we are the winner. For us not believing we are the loser. We must live according to that faith that we believe. That time, mercy will reach to us .

The whole secret is not how much we know. The man may know so much, but if he’s not applying the knowledge that he knows to his life, he’s not going to get so much benefit from it.

The Shahadat is a glue that is tying believers together.

You are going to die. No matter how long you live, you are going to die. No matter how rich or poor you live, you are going to die. No matter how healthy or wealthy or sick you are, you are going to die. Everyday we are getting closer to our grave.

We cannot reach to anyone, except through the prayer you may reach.

This kind of holy association it gives you the ammunition to fight back to sheytan. At least it gives you the understanding and the secrets that sheytan is attacking you from this side, hide to this side.

Allah swt is continuously granting secrets to us that He puts it there in the heart and it’s opening everyday for something new that is coming to us. Everyday.

You may change everything, you should not change shahadat.

If we are obedient ones, Allah swt rahmat and the barakat and the mercy is with us. Even if you have the worse conditions in the world, financially and physically you are still not suffering because you are connected to your Lord.

From the time of sahabi e-kiram until now, those who were believing, they were believing the real faith. They didn’t say, ‘I have to live my life.’ They live for Allah and they die for Allah.

NO one should think that we are strong worldly, we have our high title worldly and we are going to get our way when it comes to shariat. No one will break the laws of Allah.

 The shariat of Islam is balance on justice. If justice breaks, it falls down, Islam is not ruling anymore.

Allah is saying to us, ‘We have make this world very big for you. If you are finding someone coming to tyrannize you, then move to another places. Live for Allah’s sake.’ 

The worse tyrants are those one who is living on the earth of His Lord, he is breathing the air, drinking the water, eating the riziq of Allah and he is not giving the rights of Allah. He is not being a thankful servant.

 Look if your today is better than yesterday? If it Is, good. Be happy, but don’t get too comfortable. Because you have tomorrow. Tomorrow has to be better than today.

Whatever your ego is saying is kufr. Whatever it is saying, you must do otherwise. Unless it is in the borderline of Islam. Inside the laws of shariat. Which is halal and haram borders.

If you are able to raise your head to look at the skies to think for one minute, it should be enough for you to understand what kind of prison you are in now. Look up and you will see endless galaxies and that the earth you are stepping on, that you are giving so much value, it is not even a dot.

People, when they get angry, they say everything. Get angry as much as you want. You will just be burning your own self with that anger. Nothing else.

Muslims are complaining non-stop. Read Surat-ur Rahman, maybe some sense comes onto your head and some love comes into your heart for your Lord and you stop complaining. That time you’ll be able to compare what you have and what the rahmat that Allah is sending.

You are not created to make Sheytan happy. You have been created and sent to this world to make Allah swt to be pleased with you and you to be pleased with Him.

There are situations that happened and you don’t just smile, you don’t just laugh, you don’t just joke around. There is time for sadness, there is time for happiness. There is time for everything in Islam.

Suspicion, get rid of it or it’s going to burn you. If you have to have suspicion for something, have suspicion about yourself. Always. And question yourself always. Don’t look around to nobody, except yourself.

If you want your life to find some taste, then you have to live Islam as Holy Prophet’s time. Sunnat. you have to put the Sunnat in your life.

A  believer is that one who has hope and running after that to fix himself but he’s waiting that any minute Azrail may come to him. He is prepared for Azrail.

If the whole world is pushing you to one side, the power of that shahadat should be enough to make you to stand up.

Your duty in this world is to clean yourself from the tricks and the traps of sheytan.

Turn yourself to Allah and His Prophet (sws) and hold on tightly to the guides that Allah swt has blessed us with in this time. You must hold tightly to their advices. Their advices are for us, not for themselves. They have already reached to safety.

If you don’t have the love of Allah and His Prophet (sws) in your heart more than anything else then you are not ready for Akhirat life yet. That means you still have attachments to this world. Something is holding you to this world. So you don’t want to go where your place is. That’s dangerous.

All the wealth that you have, worldly wealth and the children that you have are only confusion for you. If it keeps you away from Allah then it’s a big confusion. If you use that properly in the way of Allah then it is a big blessing, moving you towards Allah better.

Your heart must remember your Lord. If you want satisfaction to your heart, if you want peace in your heart then you must say, `Allah.’

If a person is doing things with the love of the Prophet (alayhi salatu wa salam), then it is accepted instantly in the Divine Presence.

The ego is like an octopus. Every hand, every side that is coming is supporting the main body. You cut one side. It doesn’t matter. The other one is going to grab you.

Allah is not giving any value to this world. If a servant is giving the most value to this world and he is not giving any value to his Lord, then it is impossible for that servant to have peace or to find peace.

You may hide from people; but you cannot hide from Allah; and you cannot hide from those who have vision and they are looking.

The worship that a group of people is doing together is more beloved to Allah than an individual’s worship.

Allah swt has created us with His love. And He is saying that He has honored the Children of Adam (as) above other creation. He has given very high honor because of that love. If a man is not returning love with love, that one is a Kafir, that one is an unbeliever.

The Sheykh gives sohbet. Din-I- Nasihat. Din is an advice. You keep the advice, you built the religion. You drop the advice, you destroy your religion. Destroying your religion, destroying your ownself.

Everytime you say one time “La illaha Illallah, La Illaha Illallah.” It’s better than this world and every treasure in it in Divine presence.

The world is only three days. Yesterday is gone. Today, we don’t know if we can finish it. Tomorrow, it is suspicious whether we are going to reach to tomorrow.

Allah swt  is saying, `There cannot be two love in one heart.’ Either you’ll have the love of Dunya or you’ll have Allah’s love, the Akhirat love, the Prophet’s (sws) love, the Awliya’s love.

Anger is the beginning of all wrong things. Holy Prophet (saw) is saying, “The way fire eats wood, anger eats all the good deeds that you have made. It finishes it. It burns it out.”

The way that you were born from your mother, that’s what you are going to go back with to the Divine Presence. You are not bringing anything from this world.

There is only one kind of Islam. The Islam that the Holy Prophet (sws) brought and he put it saying, `There are 500 good deeds and 800 bad actions.’

Clean yourself from all kinds of wrong thinking. Definitely Sheytan is going to come whispering so many wrong things. If you want to open door to Sheytan you are welcome.

You are the creature of Allah. He is going to judge you. He is going to reward you. He is going to punish you. If He wants to give reward or He wants to give punishment, that’s up to Him.

Sheytan is coming with every tricks and traps. It is easy. Close the doors to him. Once you close the doors, he is going to stay out. He is not going to find way.

Mankind lost their direction. Under the name of civilization they are running to live like animals.

“The worst arrogant creatures that lived on the face of the earth. Eating and drinking their Lord’s favors, twenty-four hours they are in need of their Lord and twenty-four hours they are rebellious to their Lord.” This is what’s entering. And the angels are putting curses on those.

Whole secrets for a man living on this earth, first thing is to know his Lord and to worship his Lord. The reason of creation of a man: To know Allah and to worship Allah.

The shahadet is very valuable. For that reason shahadet has a very big enemy. And the enemy of the shahadet is Sheytan. He’s running top speed to steal the shahadet away from us, and to make us go from this world without shahadet to enter to that darkness.

You may have the whole luxury of the world, as soon as the Angel of Death comes, everything finishes

Either we have to take a lesson from those that is happening or one day we may become a lesson to somebody else.

Allah swt is saying, “ Say BismillahirRahmanirRahim. That is the sword of the angels. Pull  the sword of the angels. Protection will reach to you. When that protection is reaching to you, you’ll be protected in dunya, in the grave and ahirat.”

When a man forgets his past, when a man is not able and capable to turn and to look back where he came from, that is the most dangerous thing man can do to himself and to herself.

Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) is testing people through different ways and He is putting certain responsibilities on them and they must carry that. They must hold on tightly for their own benefit.

Allah is Just. Allah is not a tyrant. Allah does not give burden to His servant that he cannot carry. Whatever He is giving that is what he can carry.

Good Muslim does not mean only that one who does not hurt himself and others. That’s a good human. Good Muslim is that one who does not hurt anybody including himself and goes out of the way to bring others or goes out of the way to help those who are bringing others in. That is a good Muslim.

Holy Prophet (saw) is always saying, “Either speak something that benefits you and others or keep silent.”

Allah is saying to us, “Nothing is beloved to Me more than what obligations I gave to you. My servant becomes beloved to Me when he is keeping My orders.”

Leave making everybody else happy. Run to make Allah happy first. When you make Allah happy, everyone who is happy with Allah will be happy with you. Everyone who is not happy with Allah, they will be slaves to you. They will be under your authority then. Allah puts them under your authority.

We are the nations that reached to the last periods of this world. We must prepare ourselves. Heavy tests and heavy questioning is waiting for us ahead.

Allah subhana wa ta’ala is saying, “Hold on to the rope of Allah altogether and do not separate.” Holy Prophet (sws) is saying, “The believers, Mu’mins are like bricks of a building. They are all connected into each other.”

Holy Prophet (sws) is saying to us, “Even if you are a handful of people, it doesn’t matter. Come together and Allah will protect you.”

Whatever we do in this world, that’s what we are going to earn in the hereafter. Whatever we are planting here, that’s what we are going to get on the other side. If you are in the field and you have the seeds and everything but if you are not planting then you are a complete empty-head.

Today’s people are chained with four chains. Ego, their desire, their dunya and sheytan. Four chains. If you can break through then you are free.

The love of Akhirat, love of Allah, and love of His Prophet must be more, has to be more heavier in the heart of a believer. That time, slowly, they’ll start becoming a believer that is in awakening station.

Mankind lost their way. They forgot what they have been created for and they are running top-speed for this world. They are running to own the world. They are becoming slaves to the world.

We must sit, we must concentrate, we must look, we must clean ourselves, we must work for the sake of Allah and we must try to build our Akhirat. If we run to build our Akhirat then Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) will make this world easier. If we run after this world then Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) will make this world hard for us and we cannot build our Akhirat then.

The work of Allah must be priority, doing things for the sake of Allah must be priority. You must hold it high.

Safety is to love the ones that Allah loves and to leave the ones that Allah leaves. If you are loving the ones that Allah loves and you are also running to love those who are leaving Allah and His Prophet (sws) then something is wrong with you. Something is wrong somewhere. But it is not something small. It’s very big. Very big because all secrets are to know how to love and who to love.

So many people pray and they do everything but when you look at them you see that they have no peace. It’s because they love the wrong ones and the burdens that those ones have is crushing them.

The role of Sheytan to believers is similar to our two feet. With two feet we can walk. If we have one foot then we cannot walk. We cannot make any progress. We cannot reach anywhere. There is Haqq and Batil. There’s truth and false. The false is there and we are fighting against it. So the truth is appearing. We are understanding the value of truth because the wrong is there, the false is there.

The little devices that we have here and there, the little things, the computers, the cameras, the cars, we show more care to those than the Shahadat. You cannot call that one so intelligent who is treating such a valuable thing very carelessly.

The ego is a means for us to make progress and to go to higher stations. If there is no ego then who are you going to fight against?

There are two Qiyamats. One is when the angel of death reaches to man and the second one is for all things, anything that you can think of, you can imagine that is existing in this world, the end is coming to that too.

 Wa min Allahu Taufiq

Bihurmatil Habib Bihurmatil Fatiha

SahibulSaif Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani

Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Hakkani Hz

5 Responses to Divine Wisdom

  1. Lubna says:

    Masha Allah…

  2. Aasim S. Khan says:

    Subhanullah. I love you my Shakh.

  3. J Syed says:

    I have met Sheykh Abd Kerim Effendi, and have done zikr many times with him. He was straight-forward, to-the-point, no BS what-so-ever. I seldom meet people like him. I loved him and have great respect for him.

  4. Mohammed, Saudi Arabia says:

    I love osmanlı and I love who loves osmanlı.
    Miss Sultans so much 😦

    Osmanlı çok seviyorum….

    دولت عليه عثماتيه
    Yüce osmanlı Devleti

  5. masha allah . naqshbdi osmanli zikr love a best zikr

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