Poems for our Sheykh

Sheykh and Mesut

Bakhuda: By Allah

by Mesut Siddiqi

BismillahirRahmanirRahim, Medet.
Urdu with English Translation.

Dekh kar tera chehra,
Bakhuda pehle chand kabhi na dekhi.

Seeing your face,
By Allah, I have never seen the moon before.

Aur sunkar teri haseen,
Bakhuda pehle bulbul ko kabhi na suni.

Hearing your laughter
By Allah, I never heard the song of the nightengale before.

Aur sungkar teri khushboo,
Bakhuda pehle gul kabhi na soongi.

Smelling your scent,
By Allah, I never smelled the rose before.

Aur teri hijrat mey raukar,
Bakhuda pehle ansoon kabhi na roi.

Crying in your separation,
By Allah I never shed tears before.

Aur teri sohbet mey bethkar,
Bakhuda pehle khushi kabhi na mehsoos hui.

Sitting in your association,
By Allah, I never felt happiness before.

Aur tujhe dil mey rakhkar,
Bakhuda pehle kabhi sukoon-e-dil na milli.

Putting you in my heart,
By Allah, I never felt peace in my heart before.

Ey mere Mehoob, mere Laal, mere Sultan,
Bakhuda tujme Rasool-e-Amin dekhi.

O my Beloved, my Precious One, my Sultan,
By Allah, I have seen the Holy Prophet in you.

Iss kameene-faqir ko,
Manzar-e-Jannat Khulli.

To this low beggar,
The vision of paradise opened.

Poem by Mesut Siddiqi

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The Court of the Divine

by Haji Bilal

Sheykh and Haji Bilal

BismillahirRahmanirRahim, Medet.

I was a street dog that found himself in lion’s den.

I was one of the no hearts and cold hearted ones.

His den: The Court of the Divine.

It was a valley of Roses and other beautiful flowers

I never seen nor smelled before.

As he walks through with grace and strength, those flowers

they began to open.

Tall and full majestic look fell upon them from himself.

As he passes they give off so many different

beautiful smells…..Allah….Allah.

We walked on our way through the valley,

stopped little and continued on.

With all my filth and bad manners he turns and smiles

giving peace to the no hearted ones inside myself.

He’s saying; “walk this way; whatever it takes,

you must walk run or crawl this way.”

We came to peak

As the great eagle of the skies, he says, “I must

fly from here. You all must continue from here.

You will find me waiting on the other side at the gate.”

As rivers of pain, sadness flowed from my heart of his departure

I began in every step:

“Bismillah, Destur, Medet Sheym”

I felt his spirit and Heavenly support are there

as the eagle wings span from east to west.

I hear him through the valley:

‘Stand straight, Stand straight….Stand straight.’


Poem by Haji Bilal

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True Mursyid

by Ayse Kerim

my mursyid

BismillahirRahmanirRahim, Medet.

The first time I laid my eyes on you, fear sets in and my heart
beats fast and I just stood speechless not knowing what to say      
Cos the truth is, at that point in time,
this life is just a series of meaningless and empty dreams.
Do not you hear my heartfelt cries?
How much I have, in silence, in tranquillity,
 betrayed Lord’s divine orders
Symbol of a feeble faith I have carried thus far.
Then you came…
and filled every space in my heart
with pure and sincere love to the Lord Almighty
Beads of tears start streaming down
like splashes of crystal clear water falling from the sky
as you guide this helpless self to endure the bitterness of storm
Should I rejoice? Should I stay gloom?
I can’t decide, when life’s philosophy takes a leaning heavily towards defending
Divine Order of Allah Almighty
This ephimeral life decides the choice of life destiny
You’re like a burning candle that got itself burnt to light our way
Yet you stand so strongly with a flaming spirit which remain undaunted
To defend the Truth, To defend Islam
Amidst enduring cruel affliction
by fellow  brothers of the same faith
A sign of integrity and uprightness in a True Mursyid,
Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi

Poem by Ayse Kerim


Vector-Floral- (2)“Ey Güneşin Işığı”

by Mustafa Hakkani & Mesut Siddiqi


BismillahirRahmanirRahim, Medet.

O Light of the Sun,

O Beauty of the Moon,

O Glimmer of the Stars,

O My Beloved Sultan.

You are the Glory of the Saints,

You are the Soul of the Lovers,

You are the Crown of the Dervishes,

O My Beloved Sultan.

Your eyes are our life,

Your smile is our support,

Your reality is our origin,

O My Beloved Sultan.

I am a beggar at your door,

I am a slave in your presence,

I am mad in your love,

O My Beloved Sultan.

O Dear Dervish, wake up,

Come and fulfill your destiny,

Until your last breath, call out,

O My Beloved Sultan…

~ poem by Mustafa Hakkani and Mesut Siddiqi

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by Sakib Majid

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Ya Sahibul Saif, My Shaykh, My Sultan,
O purified servant of Allah, O saint of Ahir Zaman,

Born on the 11th of the 11th its surely destiny,
To complete the return of that noble dynasty,

That raised the Holy Sanjak for seven centuries,
It whispers on the wind rekindling lost memories,

Your countenance from power to comfort in an instant,
A summers day driving an overwhelming storm distant,

A smile that lights up the room so bright,
Shining like the fullest moon on a cold dark night,

The love I have for you; words cannot express my emotion,
They fill up inside me until I could release an ocean,

I am weak but thankful for this way and the blessing it has brought,
With my ego day and night all I did was accept its whim and never fought,

Love will never feel the same, since I’ve tasted this drop,
You are my lifeblood may my beating heart never stop,

Now dark clouds of corruption affect every markaz and school,
A dergah built in the mountains by Shaykh Effendi the venerable jewel,

In an ocean of fire you built a righteous land,
Your origin and reality we will never fully understand,

You are our guide, our source of light,
We live in your kingdom, under your wisdom and might,

Ya Shaykh, you are a diamond, I am coal,
You are treasured in His sight, I have a sick soul,

You are my father, and with perception guide,
Holding my hand when affliction comes from each side,

An Island of guidance in a cold, hard time,
The shine of your face; a smile so sublime,

O Beloved, Murshid Kamil, a man of knowledge and might,
Stronger than a ox with the eyes of a lion in a fight,

With bayaat to You, I have a new chance at life,
An opportunity, In this time of great confusion and strife,

Filled with light like a ray of sun into the darkness of my heart,
Peace, love and tranquility descending knowing of my life You are a part,

I see the beauty of life, when I’m in your presence,
I fear my ego, ghaflat and my lack of perserverance,

The Zikr of Allah hitting the heart and I begin to cry,
La ilaha IllAllah ringing through me as I look to the sky,

Your strong and commanding voice in sobhet rings the ear,
Yet with a gentle softness makes me yearn to hear,

All your life you followed your Masters light,
Dedicated in your way to do what was right,

Kissing the feet of the pole of the Awliya,
The one who is always near yet far,

Following the light of the Ahir Zaman,
Shaykh Mawlana our righteous Sultan,

The Haqq in You, the love in You, the Iman, Ehsan and Islam in You,
The Omar in You; your every word true, the Noor diffusing out from You,

O Effendim, You are a lion they all know and say,
O Effendim, You are an Ottoman in every way.

~ A  poem for Sahibul Saif Shaykh Abdel Kerim Kebrisi ar  Rabbani’s Mawlid by Sakib Majid

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Mystical Bridge

by Rosinahwani Adanan

mystical bridge


When I am on this lifetime journey,
I meet this mystical bridge.
Not knowing whom I am waiting for,
I longed for his arrival…
We have not meet physically,
but spiritually we have already met.
Ya Sahibul Saif has come crossing the bridge,
along with all his deputies.
Together we will walk this mystical bridge,
to complete this lifetime journey

~poem by Rosinahwani Adanan

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3 Responses to Poems for our Sheykh

  1. Sakib Majid says:

    Salaam alaykum the poem “Effendim” had roughly 7 contributors

  2. Hatice Kaufmann-Elmanzalawy says:

    Mash Allah

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