How Do We Enter Into The Month of Ramazan e-Serif Clean?



Medet ya SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al Kibrisi al Rabbani, Medet. We are asking permission from our Sheykh, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al Kibrisi al Rabbani, to send us something so that we may take and we may use, that is going to give us benefit here and hereafter. We are not speaking from our own stomachs, we are not speaking from books. We are speaking because he has told us to speak, but we are asking for him to send us. Anything that is good, it is coming from him. Anything that is not so good, say it is from me, a nd I’m asking Allah for forgiveness for that.

Ramazan is almost here, it is around the corner. Oh, so many things are happening right now before Ramazan time, so many things will be happening in this world, under this world and in the heavens. The believer if he is awake a little bit, he is going to understand and he is going to prepare himself for that. Especially in the heavens, now, they are making very big preparation for the Holy month, the Sultan of the months. The angels making very big preparations, the Paradises that are going to be opened, their doors, more lights and more beauty is going to be shown in that  Paradises and it is going to shine to this world. But it is not going to shine to this world this world. It is going to shine to the people that the Paradises are praying to Allah swt always to say ‘we are waiting for those ones who are going to come and honor us. We are waiting for the believers, we are waiting for the ahli Jannat to come.’ Because the Jannat, without the inhabitants of the Jannat, it is not a real Paradise. What use is a palace if there is no king? What use is a kingdom if there is no king? But a king without a kingdom, he has the potential. The king without a kingdom, he is still a king. We are asking Allah to make us to be ready, insya’Allah, for that month.

Now, we are entering into the month of Ramazan. And we want to enter into this month clean. How are we going to enter into this month clean? We are going to look at whatever dirtiness that we have, we have committed, that we are thinking, that we are intending to do, we’re going to look at all that dirtiness and we are going to ask help from Allah swt to remove that. We are going to ask Allah swt to forgive us. We are going to say ‘give us the strength. We are Your weak ones, that as we enter into this Ramazan, give us the strength, Ya Rabbi, to fight. To fight against our enemies, to fight against our nafs,’ that time, you can enter clean. If you’re going to enter heedlessly, without knowing how you’re going to enter, not too much benefit is going to come to you. But if you are understanding what it is that you want to enter into Ramazan with, what you want to get from the month of Ramazan, that time the Owner of the month of Ramazan, Allah swt is going to say ‘give it to them, give and give and give.’

This is the month of charity, correct? The month of Ramazan is the month of Charity. The month of Ramazan, it is encouraged for people to be charitable. Charity, it does not just mean the physical charity, financial charity. The charity, it is a quality, to be generous it is a Divine quality, it is a quality coming from Allah swt. What good is a man if he is giving Sadaqa and giving Zakat if that one is not being generous to the people that are around him, if that one is always angry and stubborn and arrogant, what good is all that amals going to do? Not too much. There is a prayer that we do, that we are supposed to do as Murids, Salat-ul Najat, we are saying to Allah swt in sejdah, saying ‘ya Rabbi, just as fire destroys wood, so envy it will destroy all my good deeds’. Charity is one of the good deeds that we are doing. Just to have envy, so many people are going to deny that they have envy. It’s very dangerous because you’re not understanding your enemy.  If you don’t understand your enemy, how are you going to defeat your enemy? If you don’t understand the enemy that is within you, the potential of that, how are you going to be able to control it? You cannot, because one day when you are sleeping, the enemy is just going to come out and cut your head off when you are sleeping.

We cannot be heedless. This is the month that we are supposed to be generous. Be generous. Be generous to one another, because the generosity is coming from Allah. This month, as I said before, it is so generous that it is also known as Ramazan Kerim. Alhamdulillah, we are following our Sheykh, Sheykh Abdul Kerim Hz. Be generous. Allah swt is so generous that He has given the final testament, the Mother of all the Holy Books, His most sacred words, that is the Holy Quran e-Kerim, to be revealed in this month, that as I said before, this Quran e-Kerim, Quran e-Kerim, the name is there, Quran that is the most Generous. Where has the Ummat been? Where is the Ummat that is so generous as it was during the time of Hz Osman that there was so much wealth that was coming in, and we are just talking about physical generosity, that they had given it to everyone and still there was so much wealth coming in, the Sadaqa, they had to go out and they were giving it to the unbelievers. Where is that spirit of generosity? If you are not going to train yourself to be generous, to be Halim Selim, to be patient, to understand, not to be upset, not to be angry, not to complaining all the time, if you are not training yourself to do that, then in the month of Rajab and Shaban, you enter into Ramazan you’re going to be in trouble.

be generous

Yes, the sheytans they are all locked up, but you are not locking up your sheytan. Allah is going to lock them up. But the sheytan that is inside of us and that sheytan that is together with our ego, the ego that is trained by that sheytan, you are not locking it up. You are not training it. So in the month of Ramazan, you think there is going to be time to suddenly do everything? No. Everything is by preparation. We had someone asking the question ‘if Ramazan is the time when all the sheytans they are going to get locked up, then why does certain things , wrong things, black magic that happens to people, why does it still continue during the month of Ramazan?’ Yes. I don’t want to enter into the issue of black magic. You can find so many other people who can talk, so many other people who have so much knowledge about it, MashaAllah, to talk about it. I don’t want to touch.

But let me tell you something. If that sheytan is already training you, and you are opening the door to it, and that is affecting you, I’m not talking about nazar, I’m talking about buyu, I am talking about sihir. You are opening the door to it, that’s why it’s coming. The enemy can never come close to us, because there are so many walls of protection, unless there is a traitor from inside, a betrayer that opens the door. Then the enemy can come in. But so many people are saying ‘what, me a betrayer, a traitor? No. I am not. Inside of me, no. Everything.’ That means that you don’t understand yourself. You don’t understand that your ego, at any moment it will betray you. It will come in your sleep and it will cut your neck off. You open the door, it comes. Some people, they go out seeking for it, looking for it. Breh, you don’t even drink water from every hole and every ditch and every stream. Why are you going everywhere to take that kind of knowledge? It looks like water. You take it, take it from the ditch, go and drink that water. Rain just came down, alhamdulillah. Take it from the ditch and drink it. See what’s going to happen to you. Oh, you know not to take it, huh? You know how to at least to boil it, to do something. If it’s the well, it’s something else, if it is the rain coming on top of our Maqam, that we are collecting the rain that is coming from there and we are taking the water and drinking, that’s something else.

So you know the difference. Why, when you are talking about this kind of knowledge, people are not understanding the differences, they’re saying everything is the same. So now, you open the door. The enemy has come in. The enemy doesn’t have to stay. The enemy will just come in and train a couple of people and say ‘continue this work, I’m going to go.’ Sheytan is going to say ‘I’m going to go for a vacation,’ astaghfirullah. He has trained enough, so it continues. You contract the disease, you get sick, pulling that disease only one time, one time, not two. And that virus can stay inside your body, correct? And according to the strength of that virus and according to how weak your body is that virus can stay there for a long time. You don’t have to contract that disease over and over and over, no need. Just once, one time is enough. Now if you are not taking care of yourself physically and you are not understanding how you are getting that disease, it jumps on you. Now it may not leave, unless you go to the proper doctors and the doctors are going to tell you ‘now, since you didn’t listen the easy way, now you are going to listen to it the hard way.’ It is there, inside your system, find a doctor. Listen to it properly. Now the disease, the original virus, it may even go, it may multiply, it may change into something else. So much that you don’t recognize what it is.

We are asking that our diseases are going to finish before we enter to the month of Ramazan. If you don’t work on it, if you don’t understand, what these diseases are, then you are not changing. You will not. You can sit in front of the Ka’aba twenty-four hours until you die, you can be inside the Rauza e-Sharif. You are not going to change. If that was going to change people, it would’ve changed Abu Jahil, because he was looking at the Prophet (asws) every day of his life. It would’ve changed Abu Lahab. It would’ve changed all those mushriks, that they are looking and they are belonging to the blood of the Prophet (asws). But it didn’t, because their heart was not clean. And the Prophet (asws) came only to clean the hearts. And the month of Ramazan is for us to look into our hearts and to clean. It is not just to stay away from food and the water. You tie a dog out there, Sheykh Effendi says, without food and water, you cannot say the dog is fasting. Fasting is more than that. Fasting is understanding what is the sickness that is inside and the sickness that is outside of you and to stay away from it. That time, you don’t have to read so many high level books. You know ‘what I’m watching, that is wrong. It’s going to bring a sickness.’ You are going to understand ‘I’m listening to this. This is no good.’ You are going to understand ‘I start talking, I start talking these things and it’s making me to forget my fast, forget about Allah, putting darkness in my heart, no good. I stay away from it.’ You will understand by yourself. Your heart will start opening.

It is the month that we are entering, the Sultan of the months. If the Sultan is coming, it’s not the time for us to get ready. When the Sultan is coming, every preparation should have been done. The Sultan is coming already. If we know the Sultan is coming three months, six months, that is the time you start preparing. Eh, Muslims are very busy these days for everything else except for Allah. Everything else they say ‘no, world will not wait, world will not understand, world has no mercy,’ but when it comes to Allah, they are saying ‘oh, Allah understands. Allah is merciful. We don’t have to run for Allah, we must run for dunya, because dunya is not going to wait for us. In the month of Ramazan, pull back from dunya a little bit. Pull back from our ego a little bit. Start strong, may we end strong, insya’Allah. Find time to be quiet a little bit. Don’t run around too much, don’t do nonsense things too much, sit and be easy, make some zikr, make some extra Taffakur, don’t be busy with the fitnah on the internet, twenty-four hours people are making fitnah. Interfering into things that you have no knowledge about, interfering into things that one day, if you don’t stop, that fitnah is going to fall on top of you. Stay away from all of that, be busy doing other thing. Alhamdulillah, our Sheykh is telling us, he is never telling us to be busy with the fitnah of the internet. So we stay away from it.

May Allah forgive me, may Allah bless our Sheykh and our Grand Sheykh, insya’Allah, and all those ones who love them and who are following them, may Allah get rid of all our wrong deeds and wrong intentions and everything that is sick in our hearts, to make us to become better ones for each other, better ones for our Sheykh and better ones for our Prophet (asws) and for Allah swt. Wa minallahu Taufiq, al Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
29 Shaban 1438
May 25, 2017
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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