What are we asking for when mentioning “Qaddas Allahu Sirrahu – May Allah sanctify his secret”


Question: When we mention ‘Qaddas Allahu Sirrah- May Allah sanctify his secret’ after a Saints name, what are we asking for by mentioning this?


We are asking Allah (SWT) to, whatever secret that Allah has given to that Saint, for that  Saints secret to become, for Allah to give more secrets to him. Just as when we are asking Salawat ul Sharif to the Holy Prophet (AS), we’re saying, ‘may Allah bless the Prophet (AS) and grant him more peace,’ don’t think more peace means he’s just going to be peaceful, the peace is different because Salam is one of the names of Allah. So we’re asking Allah to give more Salams and higher honor and higher salutations to that Prophet because Allah is doing it and His angels are doing it.

So if you’re giving Salawat to the Prophet, you’re doing what Allah and the angels they are doing. you cannot do anything that Allah (SWT) is doing, except in giving Salawat, that’s why it is very important.

So now, the Saints, the Evliya Allah, Shah-e-Naksibendi says, ‘Deen-e-Nasihat,’ religion it is advice, but only Prophets they give advice. We are not Prophets, so we give sohbet. They know edep, they’re not like today’s people, Muslims so proud, and by the way proudness, if you have one ounce of proudness, a drop of proudness, an atoms weight of proudness in your heart, doesn’t matter who you are, what faith you have, Jannat is forbidden to you. They’re so proud, they’re saying, ‘brother, let me give you some advice,’ they’re saying, ‘I’m giving da’wah to people.’ The only ones who gave da’wah to people, you know who they are? Sahabis. You may say the purpose is called da’wah, it’s called Da’i, but nobody ever used that as a title. Nobody ever used that as a title. ‘Who is he?’ ‘He’s a Da’i because he does da’wah.’ No. So today’s twenty-first century Muslims, Ahir Zaman Muslims they become like Namruds and Firauns, so proud, they take every title to themselves.

And so, the EvliyauAllah, we don’t put them at the same level as the Prophets because they are not. And we are not saying anything also. Traditionally we don’t say, like officially, this is very official you understand, we don’t say, ‘may Allah raise their station, may Allah this,’ unofficially we may make that, definitely, but as an official word that you put against to their name, ‘may Allah sanctify their secrets,’ sanctify means to make it holy, so whatever their secret is, to make it more holy, whatever their secret is to have more secrets in that, and that itself, we are not praising them, you understand? As we are praising the Prophet. And it is not our concern what their station is, it is not our concern.

We are not saying, in that Qadis Allahu Sirrah ‘may Allah elevate his station,’ we don’t have that right too, it is between the Habib and the Mahbub. It is between the lover and the beloved, it is between them. All you can do sometimes is just to look at them and melt. That’s why people like love stories. They look at the lover and the beloved and they feel nice. Sometimes you don’t even have to think that you are, just to watch that is something beautiful, you say, ‘this concerns them, may they love each other more.’ And you’re not putting yourself there too, and you’re not interfering. So, this is official, unofficial, by yourself, you making dua intimately, whatever dua that you want to make for any Saint, for your Sheykh, to say, ‘Allah raise their station, may Allah increase their light,’ as much as you can according to your own heart, say. InsyaAllah. Wa minallahu taufiq, al fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz  
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi New York
27 Rabiul Ahir, 1440
3 January, 2018 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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