Should we migrate from Kufr country to Shaam, Turkey and Arabia to wait for Mahdi (as)?


Question: Some people believe we should migrate from Kufr country to Shaam, Turkey and Arabia, to wait for Mahdi (as). What is the guidance of our Mursyid about this?

stay away from fitna

The fire of fitna it is spread everywhere to the whole world. The fire of fitna has entered into every house, every nation, every country. There is no country in this world now that the fire of fitna  and the fire of corruption has not entered. Especially in countries that are saying that we are Muslims countries.

Shaam e-Sharif is being overtaken by those who have no honor, who have no sharaf. And it is one of the most terrible places in the world right now where confusion is  destroying lives and properties and peoples’ rights. Arabia, they are sheytan Wahhabi anyway, behind everything. Turkey, we are waiting for the Sahibul Mekan to come and claim them. Because Turkey is not a country. Turkey it is the seed of the Ottoman Empire. And we are waiting for the owner of that throne to come. And once the owner of that mekan, he has assume that station, we will be with him, insya’Allah ar-Rahman.

There is confusion everywhere. There is fire everywhere. And these days, the fire is most in these countries. Not in other countries so much. Safety in these days it does not lie so much in physically where you are. Safety lies in whether you are surrounding yourself with Nar, or you are surrounding yourself with Nur, whether you are surrounding yourself  with fire or you are surrounding yourself with light. Wherever there is light, the Nar cannot enter. Wherever there is Nur, the fire cannot enter. You may live in a place where you are saying it feels like there’s so much fire, that it’s no good, so many wrong  things are happening  here, and majority they are supporting these wrong things, from governments to grassroots to individuals, and you say, ‘my intention is to move.’ But where are you going to move?

If you are going to move to another place where there’s going to be another confusion, like they say sometimes you are moving from the frying pans into the fire. But if you say, ‘I want to move because there is a group of people there,’ or there is a jamaat, or there is a village there, that they are running after Haqq, after truth, that they are running after the  sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws), they are following the rightly guided ones, then go. You will find safety.

Say, somebody wants to move but they cannot. Their heart is with the people of light, they will have that light.  You want to move but your heart is busy with the people of darkness and the people of fire, the fire is going to reach you. Physically you move, you move to Mecca, you move to Medina,  you move and you live in the Dergah, but your heart it is nothing but attracted to the lifestyle that is not here, you are attracted to the lifestyle of the people of  the fire, fire will reach you. Those that the hearts are connected to the people of the Zikr, to the people of light, even when that big great war happens, the lights that you have pulled and the light that you have collected, it will be like a dome over you, it will protect you from different kinds of evil, different kinds of radiation, different kinds of sickness, different kinds of violence. And that time your Sheykh will send those ones who will go and from the air they will pick you up to safety. Believe in that.

So look to your heart. Looking to your heart is not just to say, ‘Oh yeah, I want to be there,’ but you do nothing. Not just saying, ‘oh I really want to be there,’ but you are busy twenty-four hours running after this world. It is when you take steps and you are trying to do something.

May Allah keep us in safety, insya’Allah. Because so many saying they are waiting for Mahdi (as), and when Mahdi (as) comes they will be the ones who will deny him. They will reject him because they say, ‘this is Mahdi?  This is not the Mahdi we were imagining. This is not the Mahdi we were wishing for.’

Mahdi (as) is going to bring the sword. He’s going to bring the sword of truth. He’s going to divide. Those who are confused and they are still confusing and they are confusing so many confusing things together, they say, ‘ahh everything is the same.’ When they see Mahdi (as), they say, ‘this is not the one. Because he is separating people. Because we have so much love. We want to unite  people.’

Dajjal is going to appear. He is going to appear in the dress of the Prophet. He is going to come with charisma and the dajjal is going to say, ‘everything is the same. Everyone is  the same. Everything is the same. Haqq and batil same.  Don’t put yourself to soo much trouble. Shariat? Shariat is do’s and don’t’s. Shariat is halal and haram. No need. Everything is halal.’ And there are so many who will be in the way of tarikat, they say, ‘this is the kind of leader that we want. This is the kind of Mahdi that we are waiting for,’ and they will follow. May Allah save us from that confusion. InsyaAllah. Selam Aleykum.

 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Zul-Qadah, 1436H
August 20, 2015
 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)



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  1. Miftah says:

    May Allah protect us from slander Dajjal

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