Because we dishonored Allah and His Prophet sws (Part II)


Because we dishonored Allah and His Prophet sws (part II)

Yes, because we dishonored Allah and His Prophet (asws).
Because Allah and His Prophet (asws) has put obligation on us to have a Khalifah and we did not want that Khalifah, for 100 years we want democracy, we want nationalism, we want western understanding of how to rule and how to live. We don’t want Shariatullah, we don’t want Sunnat of the Rasul (asws), that’s why this dishonor is coming, that’s why it is very cheap.

Tell me in 1400 years during the time of the Khalifas, has such a thing happened to the Holy Prophet (asws)? That they were able to spread everywhere and Muslims they were being defenseless? Or they were jumping around in the streets, or, what kind of power did they have?

Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan, Jannat Maqam,

Let’s not go back 1400 years or 1300 years, let’s go back to maybe 100 years and a little bit. Closer to our time for us to understand the last living Khalifah, the last ruling Khalifah, the Khalifah of the Ottomans, Abdul Hamid Khan, Jannat Maqam, may Allah raise his station higher and higher, we are asking support from him too with the blessings of our Sheykh.

During his reign, the French dug up a play, yes, all those foolish Muslims who are studying western philosophy and saying, ‘Islam needs this too.’

Voltaire, maybe you’ve heard of him?

He wrote a play, and in that play he insulted Holy Prophet (asws).

That play was just dug up and it was just going to be performed a little bit here and there because in those times also, in the 1900s, 19th century, 1800s, early 1900s, as you know not everyone has access to the theatre, only those who were rich, those who were powerful, they can go. So this is not everywhere. It is not like it’s news today, or Facebook, everyone knows.  No. Only a select few knew but news reached to the Khalifah in Istanbul, from his ambassador, saying, ‘they are planning to do this, insulting the name of the Holy Prophet (asws).’

The Khalifah sent the ambassador back, telling them, ‘Don’t pass your limit.’

The French started shaking and they withdrew that play to be performed.

The British took it. British, that supported the Saudi sheytan wahhabis, that now the Saudi government yeah, is there who are against to the Ottoman Khalifas. The British that time, they took that play and they decided to produce it.

When the Khalifah send the ambassador to him and said, ‘better stop this,’ they refused. They said what today’s people are saying all the time, ‘Free speech, Everyone’s rights,’ or, ‘they bought the tickets. We cannot return the money to them.’

Khalifah said, ‘okay. Very Good. Do that, and Wallahi by Allah, I will call a jihad and every Muslims in every country in this world will declare Jihad against you.’

British withdrew, returned the money. And that is the time when the Khalifah, when Islam, was at its lowest. The power of the Ottoman was at its weakest. They still were able to honor the Prophet (asws) and to defend the Prophet (asws).

Those were the Ottomans. Those were the power that they had.

Not within the streets jumping up and down, burning and killing, Nothing. But with the sheer Heybet of Islam, because that Heybet is coming from the Prophet (asws). Because that Khalifah is representing the Prophet (asws).

We Muslims don’t want a Khalifah. No Heybet to us!

They can be spreading and insulting Islam and the Prophet daily and we have nothing to say, we get so fed up, we jump around in the streets like idiots.

Don’t we get it yet?

They can never bring down Islam. But they are trying to break our Love for the Prophet.

Our Love for the Prophet (asws) is not shown jumping up and down and burning cars and killing people. Our love for the Prophet (asws) is to love those whom he loves, number one.

Muslims are showing their love for the Prophet, masha’Allah, so much. Only recently, in Libya, don’t even touch the Evliya Allah yet. They dug up the body of a sahabi e-kiram, of a sahabi that was buried and they dig his body up and they put it in the streets. Because they say Muslims are going to his makam and they are asking him for his prayer and we are committing a shirk. That sahabi e-kiram, he went all the way to Libya to spread the Islam, to bring the Islam to the Libyans. And this is what their grandchildren did?

Photo from the desecration of the grave of a sahabi in Libya

Wahhabi vandalism at the shrine in Derna, Libya, of Zuhayr Ibn Qais Al-Balawi, one of the Sahaba — May Allah be well pleased with him.

So, are we expecting anything more?

Or should we prepare for more punishment, yes, more punishment to come to us, more dishonor to come to us.

Everywhere we are seeing almost everyday, every week now, someway, somewhere, someone is digging up, the wahhabi sheytan, the salafi sheytan, I am saying it! Because those who have enmity to the friends of Allah, Allah will declare war on them!

They are destroying makams and destroying tombs, where are the Muslims jumping around in the streets protesting this?

Protesting while we ourselves, we dig up the bodies of the ones whom the Prophet loves, the Sahabis. And those ones who are following in his footsteps, EvliyaAllah, the friends of Allah. Everywhere they are doing it now.

I’ve got news for you, they have been doing it ever since the Ottoman Khilafat came down. Wahabbi sheytan, they came up and they are still doing it.

Where are the Muslims now?

Okay, maybe we are saying, we don’t have too much feelings for the EvliyaAllah. We don’t have too much feelings for the sahaba e-kiram, astarghfirullah, but maybe you can say that but you claim you are going up and down going crazy because you say you love the Holy Prophet (asws). Well let me tell you something, they destroyed the tombs of his grandchildren. They destroyed the tombs of his Ahlul-bayat in Makkah, in Medina. They destroyed the place, maybe this is not going to make you to be upset?

They issued a fatwa saying we are, we will destroy the Rawdah of the Prophet because this is bida’at, this is shirk. We will destroy and we will dig up the body that is there. How do you like that part?

Kafirs are saying this?

Those ones that you are praising are saying this. They are going to dig up. They are going to bring down that dome, they said they are going to dig up, they are going to destroy. They have destroyed so many tombs. So many Prophets, thousands of Prophets are buried around the ka’aba.

Yes, 124,000 were sent, so many of them made their way back to the Ka’aba, to Makkah to be buried around the Ka’aba.

That people who are going there with proudness, going around and around the Ka’aba, like donkeys and taking pictures, posing with the Ka’aba in the background, in their ihram, in their jeans, in their t-shirt, drinking starbucks posing and taking pictures, ‘Hey how are you doing? I am here. MashaAllah.’

Those ones, Muslims, sherefsiz (honorless) Muslims, they are stepping on the bodies of Prophets and EvliyaAllah. Circling around and they don’t even know it. All that area now is being dug up anyway.

All that area now is being destroyed. All traces of the Prophet is being destroyed. They are destroying everything that the Prophet (asws) has touched, has been under, has drunk from a well, everything, not only Prophet, the sahabi e-kiram, all that surrounding area where 1300 years Ahli sunnat strong people following EvliyaAllah, following Tarikat, tarikat means the way of the Holy Prophet (asws) and finding tabarruk, finding blessings in the places, in the things, in the houses, everywhere that the Holy Prophet and these Holy ones they were, the Wahhabi sheytans, they destroyed.

Why are we not jumping up and down in the streets?

Muslims are blind. They are sleeping. They don’t know who is controlling who.

You don’t want Khalifatullah to control us?

Sheytan is controlling us behind the scenes. Yes, it is. The ego is controlling us. Everyone is free to do as they like, complete chaos is happening to this Ummat that is supposed to be one. Because they are not following one, everyone wants to follow their own head.

They refuse to follow the Khalifa, they refuse to have a khalifa. What is that Khalifa, what is the meaning of a Khalifa?

The Khalifa, Khulafa al-Rashideen, coming, who was the first one?

Hz Abu Bakar Siddik (r.a), he was the first one, and he said, ‘I am KhalifaturRasul. I am the one representing the Prophet (asws).’

Hz Umar is saying, ‘I am representing Hz Abu Bakar that is representing the Prophet (asws)’

The next one, that is manner, that is edep, the next one saying, ‘I am representing, I am representing that,’ but everyone representing in reality the Holy Prophet (asws).

But we refuse. We already brought that Khalifa down. We’ve already fallen in love with this dunya. We’ve already followed the ways of the Jews and the Christians that Holy Prophet is saying to my Ummat in the last days they are going to.

“Show us the straight path, The path of those whom Thou hast favoured; Not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray”  This is a prayer that Muslims are supposed to repeat each day.  “Those who earn Thine anger” specifically refers to Jews and “those who go astray” refers to Christians. (Quran 1:5 -7)

And now, because of some idiot who hates Islam and he does something, we know that we cannot do anything and we are running around, jumping around, destroying things, saying that this is Islam. MashaAllah.

Let me give you a suggestion. You want to protest? Protest. It’s okay.

But the suggestions I’m giving you, our Muslim brothers, they are not going to like it. Those wahhabi sheytans, they are not going to like it because they have stopped it for hundreds of years. Because they said, ‘don’t do that. That is haram, bida’at, shirk, kufr.’

You want to protest? You want to show your love for the Prophet (asws)?

Gather together, doesn’t matter, hundreds, thousands, go out in the streets.

Don’t do anything. Just walk from one end to another end and say, ‘La illaha il-Allah, La illaha il-Allah, La illaha il-Allah!’

Say that and see if the hearts of the kufr, the mushriks, they are not going to shake!

Gather and make loud zikr. Don’t do anything else. Remember Allah. Gather and give salawats to that Prophet (asws). We have been doing that. Ahli Sunnat, we have been doing that for 1400 years. Oh, but it stopped.


Because the wahhabi sheytans say, ‘don’t, that is haram, that is bida’at, kufur, shirk.’

‘To give salawats together in large numbers and to remember Allah, that is wrong,’ they are saying to  us.

You think that time when you’re going to gather together, that we are going to gather together and to say ‘Allah, Allah, Allah’ in the streets and giving praises to the Prophet (sws),  you think that time Allah, because Allah and His Prophet and all the Holy ones, they are the ones who is going to look at us and see the change in the condition of  the world, the condition of the people. We must change it first.

How are we going to change it if we are not remembering Allah, if we are not remembering the Prophet, if we are not loving the Prophet?

Loving the Prophet is not just by saying that we love the Prophet, but it’s putting the Prophet (asws) first in our lives. Having a Khalifa, wanting a Khalifa, living Islam, living Shariatullah, living the sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws). That is how you are going to show your love. Yes.

Go out and say Mevlid. Go out and give salawats. Don’t do anything else. Go out and say, ‘La illaha il-Allah, peacefully.’ Every zikir is peaceful, of course, but the Heybet is coming, the power is coming with that.

Didn’t Prophet (asws) used to do that?

We have forgotten. Everyone is watching movies. Watching movies from Message, from this, from that, we are not learning anything?

You want to protest, do that. Say, ‘La illaha il-Allah.’

But don’t say La illaha Il-Allah where you are not going to get into trouble. Say it where it’s going to hurt you. Then that time you are going to test whether the love of the Prophet, that you have or not. Are you willing to be brave for the Prophet or not?

Don’t do anything else. Don’t burn cars. Don’t jump up and down, nothing. Just gather and do zikir. Gather and say La illaha il-Allah to the faces of the kuffar. You want to protest in front of the embassy, it is allowed they say?

I’m not telling anyone to do it, but maybe it is a free speech in this country to gather and to say, InshaAllahur Rahman, we are doing that and for your information, we have been doing that for so many years. We are going, no not to our own, not to the city, not to New York, and not to Times Square, we are going straight to Washington D.C. in front of the White House, with Sheykh Effendi’s blessings. We have been doing that for so many years and saying, ‘La illaha il-Allah!, La illaha il- Allah!’ saying to them ‘we exist, we are here, Islam is here!’ and giving the salawats to the Holy Prophet (asws).


click on this link to view Osmanli Naksibendi zikir @ Prayer Vigil – Washington D.C

Something is going to change. Something will change because the power of the Shahadat is stronger than anything else in this world. The power of La illaha il-Allah is stronger than anything else. Is stronger than any weapon, any warhead, any anger, anything. It is able to polish hearts, it is able to polish galaxies, it is able to bring light to everywhere.

But muslims don’t believe in that anymore. They don’t believe in the Shahadat. They believe in protest, they believe in writing placards, they believe in the media, wanting media attention and with that something is going to change.

So where is our belief now- to Allah and His Prophets and the Prophet’s ways?

Or we believe in the ways that the Holy Prophet is saying this is forbidden for you that we still have faith in it?

We are not happy with what had happened, what they had don’t to the Prophet (asws). It is not going to stop. It will continue. Our hands are tied. This is the lowest level of faith, where we cannot change anything, not with our hands, not with our mouths, with our hearts now we have to be to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, we are removed from these ones. We are asking for you to send peace, we are asking for you to send blessings back to this world, we are asking you to bring the Sahibul Zaman to come back and to come and to get rid of unbelief and wrong ideas from this world.’

Our job now is to sit, or to stand, and to remember Allah and to give praises to His Holy Prophet (asws) and to take the teachings of the Holy Prophet (asws) through our Sheykh and to put it in our lives. The love that we are going to show to him is through that.

Everytime they are insulting him, his station is rising higher,  his station is rising higher- his station is always rising. But the Muslims, the Ummat, our station is sinking, lower and lower and lower every day because in reality we are the ones who have rejected that Prophet, by rejecting the Khalifa, we have rejected that Prophet. Because Prophet (asws) is the Khalifa  of Allah and since the Khilfat fell up till this time, wars have continued, never ending, in every part of the world.

Areas that the Ottomans were controlling, they have exploded. From the Balkans to the Middle east, North Africa, western China, so many areas, they have erupted. Because the Muslims have fallen in love with this dunya and they have rejected the Khalifatullah, and they are saying, ‘we don’t want the Shariat. We don’t want the Sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws). We want to live our own lives, our own lifestyle,’ our own selfish egoistic western lifestyle that we are taking, that the west more and more they are discovering the beauty and the truth of Islam and they are running toward Islam. But the Muslims are not understanding this yet.

But coming into Islam too, we have to understand we have to leave every Jahiliya, every wrong ideas, every bida’at from Islam. Not to say now, ‘I am a western Muslim and I come to Islam, now let’s change something about Islam. Let’s make it western kind of Islam. Men, women mixing. Women not covering their heads. Men not wearing Islamic clothes. Live western lifestyle.’

It is NOT!

Holy Prophet (asws) brought Islam and Islam, it is a lifestyle. It is not something that you just do once a week , on Fridays, like the Christians. It is not just something that you are saying we do once a year, like the Ramazan. Islam comes with its own identity, with its own lifestyle that for 1400 years when Islam was strong that nobody can say anything against to the Holy Prophet (asws). We’ve made our lifestyles and our identities are distinct from kafirs, unbelievers.

But since Khilafat was veiled, since we have rejected the Khalifa, since we have separated into different nationalities, different Ummats that the Holy Prophet is said, ‘tribalism, it is forbidden.’ We have become tribes under different names, saying countries. That everytime countries become independent from ruling – heh, they didn’t want Khalifa to rule them?

The kafirs were ruling them. That is called colonialism. Correct? For hundreds of years. Once they leave, Muslims and Muslims crushed against each other from that time until today, it’s not stopping.

Yes. We need to go back, and we need to understand. How we are supposed to behave, how we are supposed to act, how we are supposed to react. Otherwise, everyone has an opinion, everyone has an idea. Eveyone is saying, ‘Quran is saying this, Quran is saying that.’

But I’m watching too, they are very slick, they are not mentioning the Hadith. They are not mentioning riwayats. They are just taking the Quran translation and just saying it generally. But do we have precedence?

We have.

Sahaba e-kiram did. Tabieens did. Tabi’Tabieen did, following right up to the last Khalifa, ruling Khalifa of the Muslims. Right up till the last Khilafat, that is the Ottomans that proved for 700 years, that they did not allow in their weakest time, they did not allow that name of the Prophet (asws) to even be said in a bad way, that they were threatening with the Power of Allah to the west, to stop. They were not provoking the west. The west were provoking them.

They say, ‘stop. Don’t pass your limits, because Islam, we do not insult any Prophet.’

Ever you seen in 1400 years, the Muslims they insulting Musa (a.s)? But we are seeing 1400 years now non-stop, it is true, it is open history, the Jews, some of them, they were still insulting the Holy Prophet (asws). They did that time, they are still continuing now.

Okay, let’s push aside Holy Prophet (asws), they are insulting their own Prophets. They are writing books insulting their own Prophets.

Free speech? Are we looking for free speech? Or are we looking for Allah’s speech? Are we insulting Isa (a.s)?

1400 years, you ever seen Muslims insulting Isa (a.s)?

But never ending, they are insulting the Holy Prophet (asws). We have not done that, we have not done anything,  but we have always been provoked. And Muslims must know, if  you are being provoked, what is the Sunnat, how we should behave, how we should react, how we should think, how we should feel, how we should act. If you don’t have a Sheykh, your sheykh is sheytan. That time, you can claim whatever you want – Alim, Ulema, Mu’min, Muslims, – you don’t have a sheykh, sheytan is going to control you . That time, sheytan can easily say to you, ‘just go in the streets, kill a couple of people, burn, show the power of Islam.’ MashaAllah. ‘then they are going to shake.’

They are not shaking.

As we have said, they have not insulted the Holy Prophet (asws).  He is the Most Praised One, and he will always be the Most Praised One. They are only insulting themselves and the curse is going to fall on those who insult the Holy Prophet (asws).

We are praying that they turn around, that they understand. We have been praying. Don’t think we haven’t been praying. 1400 years we’ve been praying. 1400 years we’ve been praying for people to come around and just to accept the Prophet as a Prophet, that’s all. But they didn’t. They didn’t. They continued.

Those who are reading this, who are not Muslims, Prophet (asws), he’s Rahmatil Alamin. He is the mercy to all the Worlds. Muslims believe that, he is. Muslims are not separating. You are separating. Because when Holy Prophet (asws) was born, everyone that was born from that time until judgement day belongs to his Nation. You call yourself a jew – you belong to his Nation. You call yourself a Christian – you belong to his Nation. You call yourself a Buddhist, a Hindu, whatever you call yourself, we are saying we are all part of the same Nation, you and me.

Islam is an undiscovered treasure still and it’s being hidden for the past hundred years by the enemies of Islam. The light of Islam will come out soon. insyaAllah. We are praying that our Sheykh will come soon and will bring the Truth back, will wake up this Ummat, Muslims and non-Muslims to understand what is our destiny, to understand what is our responsibility and to understand the purpose of our creation. Not to fight with each other but to unite with each other, to worship together, to know each other and to know Allah.

Wa min Allahu Taufiq

May Allah forgive me and bless all of you for the sake of our Sheykh, for the sake of the Sultan el-Evliya, for the sake of all the Holy ones, for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Rahmatin-lil-Alamin and we are praying that may the Prophet’s Makam be raised higher and higher and may his holy city be taken back by those who really love him.


May the Makkah be taken back by those who really love him.


And may the Istanbul and may everywhere in the world be taken back by those ones who are loving him. To put honor back to his Nation. InshaAllahu rahman and into everyone that is living on this world.

Wa minAllahu Taufiq

May the blessings and the Medet of our Sheykh, we are asking Allah to forgive us and to keep us on the straight path and not to deviate and for us not to be in ghaflat, for us not to entertain any fitna, for fitna to be kept away, for us to be stronger and for us to bring people to understand about Islam, about the Prophet, and about the Tarikat.



SelamunAleykum ve Rahmatullah ve Barakatu

Sohbet given by Hoja Lokman Effendi, Khalifah of Sheykh Abd Kerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani

September 20, 2012

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