Should we use Tarikat for spiritual matters and worldly standards for worldly matters?


Question: Should we use Tarikat for spiritual matters and worldly standards for worldly matters, like unbelievers, when dealing with worldly matters?


So, should we use Tarikat for spiritual matters and worldly standards for worldly matters?

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. What is Tarikat? What is Islam? Tarikat, it is the essence of Islam. It’s the essence of Islam. Tarikat is way. What is our way? Our way is based on the lifestyle of the Prophet (asws). Now, we are talking about lifestyle. Whatever the Holy Prophet (asws) went through in his whole life, in the twenty-three years of Prophethood, is there any separation between the spiritual and worldly? Move away from duality and come to Ahad. Islam is bringing you Ahad, is bringing you unity. Some still stuck with trinity. Some, duality: Yin Yang, worldly not worldly, spirit…But Islam is saying: Now, everyone come together. Come together. Now make a full circle. Make a circle. Complete the circle. Come to unity.

Now when there is unity, there is no separation between what is spiritual or worldly. Everything that looks worldly, it is also spiritual. Because in worldly and spiritual, these are not two equals that you put on the scale, one is like this, one is like this. No. You cannot put like this to balance it. There is no balance in Islam. There is priority. There is priority. Can you say Haqq and Batil they are balanced? Haqq is this much and Batil is this much? Haqq is this heavy, Batil is this heavy? Truth is a reality and falsehood is also a reality? Can you say that?

When Haqq comes, falsehood leaves. So one is real, the other one is not. So, when Holy Prophet (asws) came, he brought  together the teachings of 124,000 Prophets. He brought the teachings of 124,000 Prophets.  He brought the teachings of 313 Nabi Mursal.  He brought the teachings of all 104 books of the four kitabs and he brought everything together now to the point after 23 years, again 23 years, it’s not suddenly, then Allah swt put a stamp there on the servant, isn’t it? at Arafat, the  last Hujatul Wada and Allah swt is saying what? ‘Today, I have perfected your deen, your religion. And I have chosen Islam. Submission.’

So now for the Muslims, the west still will take some time to understand this, but for the Muslims now, there is no separation. When truth comes, falsehood disappears. Truth overtakes everything. And Islam, it is a deen. It is a lifestyle.  When Islam, it is a lifestyle, so there is no separation.  You cannot say, ‘now, I’m being Muslims. Now I’m being Kafir. Now I’m being truthful, now I’m being untruthful.’

When there is Islam especially when you are in Tarikat, when you go deeper into the understanding of Islam, you are going deeper into the root, to the essence of Islam, then you will understand and you will know that everything is moving, is given a reality from the spirit. And it is the spirituality that animates everything. So now, you must use Tarikat for spiritual matters, you must use the teachings of the Prophet and the Saints for spiritual matters. You must use the teachings of the Prophet and the Saints, for worldly matters. You must use the teachings of the Prophet and the Saints for other worldly matters. Now when we say that they are Insan e-Kamil, when we say that they are the most perfect  man, they are teaching us how to live and how to die and how to rise again on Judgement Day to meet our Lord.  It is through their example. So now, everything is covered and everything is perfect. They are the ones that we take our examples from.

Islam came 1400 years ago with the physical presence of the Holy Prophet (asws). For 1300 years, Islam was a deen. It was a lifestyle. Dealing with worldly matters according to the Judgement and according to the scale of Allah and His Prophet and the Awliya Allah. Everything that is being done. Counted. Whatever that is being done for 1300 years, everything, even in this world, which is why the Ottomans they are Holy empire. Because everything that they are doing up to the time of the pre-modern period and the early modern period, we may say, everything, especially worldly, they must find a dalil, they must fatwa, they must find a reasoning from the Quran and the Hadiths, from the ulamas and from the Saints of Allah. They want to put  street lamps, fatwa has to be signed by the Sheykhul Islam: What is the standing of Islam on this?  This is the reason. It is allowed within Islam.

Everything that was new, that was coming out, it has to be supported. Supported by spirituality. Spirituality, Tarikat, has to animate it. The spirit has to give it life. If there is no spirit to give it life, if there is no spirituality, what you get are things of this world that has no spirit but they are moving. What are they called? Zombies. And since the fall of the Khilafat, that’s what this world has become. Everything completely divorced from Islam. We are not talking about the non-Muslims, we are talking about the Muslims. Now they are adopting western ways, non-Islamic ways, but there is no support. Everyone is going according to their own head. And because there is no support, there is no blessing. Whatever that they are taking, it becomes a poison and it is going to destroy society. It will destroy your faith. It will destroy your Hereafter.

Worldly matters, you must judge it according to what the Holy Prophet (asws) brought, what the Sahaba e-Kiram brought, what we have in front of us. Not one year or ten  years, or twenty years of experience. We have 1400 years of experience, of history, of knowledge that we are not taking from. Instead, we are making stuff up. And that leads everyone into a position where they become tyrants. They become Firaun and they become Namrud. So, everything has to come from truth. Even falsehood it is coming from truth, it is the absence of truth, it is a deviation of truth. But you cannot have two things existing. Only one thing exist. That is Allah. This much is enough.


SelamAleykum warahmatullah.

Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

14 Jamadilakhir 1436H

April 3, 2015

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