Seek Knowledge That Brings Out Charitable Spirit from Dead Hearts



We are asking from the Holy ones, for our Sheykh to send us something that is going to benefit us. Not every knowledge is going to benefit you. These days, people are running to get knowledge. Knowledge that doesn’t benefit you, it is a curse. ‘It is still knowledge,’ it is not for you. In these days, it is Mari’fat to know what knowledge concerns you, what knowledge gives benefit to you. Why should it be? Someone is asking. Knowledge is knowledge, isn’t it? Well, isn’t food food? Why you don’t eat everywhere, everything, all the time? Why are you only going to pick the right, the best, the halal, hundred per cent, thousand per cent halal food? Not only that, you’re going to find something that is organic. Not enough, halal, anymore. Why is that? You have halal, you have organic, but you have high blood pressure. Certain things become forbidden to you, doesn’t it? It becomes forbidden to you. Sugar becomes forbidden to you. If you take that sugar, it is still food, it will poison you. There are knowledges in this world that is just like that sugar. Because when people are not understanding their own sickness and they take the knowledge that is not meant for them, instead of curing them, it makes them to become more sick.

Tarikatuna Sohbet fil khayri min jamiya. Our Tarikat, it is based on association. Our Tarikat, it is based on association, these are the Holy words of the Pir of our Tarikat, Shah Naqshband when he said our Tarikat, it is based on sohbet. The secret of Tarikat, the secret of Islam is in sohbet. And with sohbet, with association, comes goodness. What is it that we are doing that is different from what the Holy Prophet (asws) was doing? Holy Prophet (asws) he was coming in giving lecture? He is having lots of books, selling his books, telling people to read, open this book? He was having conference? Or he was just having sohbet, to sit a few minutes, a few hours, whatever that is necessary, those ones who come and their hearts they are crying out for something and the knowledge that is going to come, it is not from the books. It is coming from heart to heart. Of course, these days, so many people their hearts are dead. What can we do? Forty Prophets come it is not going to awaken their heart. Ahir Zaman.

Just like the uncles of the Prophet (asws). They knew him, they loved him. Don’t think Abu Jahil and Abu Lahab, they didn’t love the Prophet (asws). They loved him until he became a Prophet and he’s saying, ‘La ilaha illallah, don’t worship your ego. Say La to the ilah that you are worshiping, illallah.’ When he said that they say, ‘who are you?’ that is the time that they put the seal in front of their hearts, and Prophet (asws) coming hundreds of times to them. Can we imagine, Habibullah, Nabi ul-Kerim coming to them, their heart is not moving? And they can say, looking at the Prophet (asws), that most perfect moon, that most beautiful one that Allah has ever created, that Hz Ayesha is saying, ‘when the ladies they saw Hz Yusuf (a.s), they cut their fingers. If they were to see you, ya Rasulullah, they would cut out their hearts.’ But Muslim’s hearts are not shaking when they hear these words anymore because they concerned about themselves, or a new religion, nationalism, or capitalism. What other ism is coming from sheytan? Except from Islam. Yeah, coming to them, and they said, ‘no, we refuse to.’ Their hearts have been sealed. Allah is the turner of hearts, that’s why zikr it is important. It polishes your heart. But the sohbet, it opens your heart. Prophet (asws), what was he doing for twenty three years, again? He was having fiqh classes? He was having hadis classes? Or he was just living and as the life, as his experiences put him in certain situations, the revelations coming, showing through those situations for the ummat, from now until Judgement day how to live. The sohbet turned those ones who were worshiping idols and were worshiping stones, who were burying their babies, their little girls in the hot deserts, it made those animals to become Sahabi. Through sohbet.

But before you enter into the sohbet, you have to empty your cup. If you come with your cup full, you put something, it’s not going to stick, it’s going to spill. You have to come with an empty cup, teaching you, first, emptiness. If you are not understanding emptiness, how are you going to understand what is inside? If you don’t understand emptiness, how do you know what you are going to put inside? With this emptiness, putting your ego out, then slowly you are going to clean. Clean this cup, clean our hearts. For who? For Allah, because our heart is the Throne of Allah. Majority looking into their hearts and they only find themselves, they find their desires, they find their children. They find nationalism, they find wealth, but they don’t find Allah. But their heart has not been created to put anything in there except for Allah. We are going to enter into the month, Shahrullah, Rajab, soon. The month of Allah. And there is one very Holy night in that month, the Raghaib, which majority of the Muslims they are not believing anymore, the first Thursday of the month of Rajab, a very Holy night. It is the night when the light of the Holy Prophet (asws) was passed from his father to his mother.

But Muslim nations, they get more excited about Valentine’s Day. They get more excited about, what’s after Valentine’s Day? President’s day, because you have, what sale? Cars, or mattresses. Right? The holidays tied in to the system. You cannot let too many months pass but you must have a holiday that is going to make people to go out and to spend money that they don’t have. To go out and to forget, where they’re coming from and where they’re going to, to forget about death.


Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘if the man remembers death forty times a day, if he dies on that day, he dies the death of a martyr.’ Holy Prophet (asws) is saying. Listen to this. Listen. Listen with our heart. Open it. Don’t look at who’s speaking. Look who is making to speak. Look to what words these are. We are not quoting from anyone other than Allah azza wa jalla. We are not quoting from anyone other than the Holy Prophet (asws) and what the Evliyaullah and their inheritors have taught us to say. The Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘I’m fearing for my nation, especially in the Ahir Zaman. I fear for my nation. I fear not because they are going to fall into poverty. I fear that they are going to have wealth and they are going to forget about Allah and the Religion.’ If you think Allah and the Religion is just to go up and down, to brag and to say Islam is the fastest growing religion, to say how many millions are circling around the Ka’aba like donkeys, if you think that is all that Islam is, then definitely you follow step by step, like the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, going into the hole just like the Jews and the Christians. There is no spirit anymore. It has become  a set of rituals and practices that we’re doing. Because where the Muslim is there is Aman, because our Prophet is Sayyidina Amin.

Where the Muslim is, there is Aman. He guards his tongue, he protects the honor of the people around him. Others find protection and safety from him. His neighbor’s rights, understanding, your neighbor, neighbor, let me give you a simple definition. Everyone else except your family. That’s your neighbor. Hz Jibril was sending so many revelations coming from Allah speaking about the rights of the neighbors that the Prophet is saying, ‘I thought that the rights of my family is going to be superseded by the rights of my neighbors.’ And what is the neighbor in Islam? Forty houses to your east. Forty houses to your east, they are all your neighbors. Forty houses to your west they are all your neighbors, forty houses north, forty houses south. They are all your neighbors. This is what we had. We had an empire. And the rights of others, Allah swt is saying, ‘don’t come into My Presence with these two things. Everything else that you do I may forgive. But don’t come into My Presence with these two things.’ One, it is the Shirk, association of a partner to Allah, if Allah wants, He will forgive. And the other, Allah swt saying, ‘don’t come into My Presence with the rights of others.’

So those who don’t know what is knowledge, those who don’t know what is real knowledge and benefits, especially in these days, everyone is jumping and interfering into everything, you are going to have the rights of others on you, on us, and we will be in very big trouble on the day of Judgement, because Allah swt is saying that sin that you are making it is almost as big as the sin of shirk. So, looking for the rights of others, this is Islam. It is finished now, because everyone with their wealth, they are keeping it, they are not looking to the rights of others. Because more you are going to sink into this Dunya, more it’s going to rust over your heart; more you are going to have a loss of feeling to the others around you, more your heart is going to become dead. So many people, they like to laugh. They say, ‘laugh, ha ha ha ha ha. Laugh every time. Ha ha ha ha ha.’ The Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘if you know what I know,  you are going to cry a lot and you are going to laugh little.’ And laughing too much, he is saying, (asws), it deadens your heart, it kills your heart. Because the person who laughs at everything, even if he sees something cruel he’s going to laugh. He’s going to say something funny even. He will stop caring.

We are here. We are here to understand this and to put this into our lives. That whatever that we’re doing, our prayer and our worship, our zikr and our reading of the Quran, if we are not having this charity, charitable spirit following the Nabi ul-Kerim, following our Sheykh, if our hearts are not soft, then what good are we? These days, we are soft to unbelievers, we are soft to unbelief, ideas coming from unbelievers. When it comes to Islam, very hard. People coming together to make zikr, they hate it. If they see their children going out, chasing the Dunya, when the children they are saying, ‘I want to come to zikr,’ they hate it. This is a sign of the Ahir Zaman. May Allah not make us to be from those ones, Insha’Allah.  May Allah soften their hearts and make them to turn around, to find the Siratul Mustaqim. May Allah forgive me and bless you, Wa min Allahu Taufiq, Al Fatiha.


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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
10 Jamadial Ahir 1438
March 9, 2017

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