Remedy for Depression


Question: On the behalf of a believer I want to ask about her depression. She wants to leave her past behind but she feel stuck and sometimes even gets worse, she used pills too. She has respect for Sheykhs and wants to find cures for her illness, sometimes she just want to die.

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BismillahirRahmanirRahim. If a person is sick and the person goes to cure himself, he will get more sick. When a person is sick, I’ve never seen a person who says, ‘I’m sick. I’m not going to see a doctor. I’m sick, and I’m really suffering. I don’t want to see a doctor. I want to go to pharmacy and get my own medicine.’ I never heard someone who’s saying that. They are going to see a doctor. They are going to find an expert opinion, and they are not going to go to see one doctor and get a medicine, have you ever heard? then he goes to another doctor, to get another medicine, then he goes to another doctor, to get another medicine. He’s going to stick to one doctor. Not two.

If that one is a believer, that one is going to find a doctor of the heart because the depression it is a sickness of the heart, and it is a sickness especially of 21st century mankind. We are saying mankind, and now it is affecting Muslims,  Muslims getting depressed. Why you have to get depressed for? You get depressed if you look that your faith is slipping today, you get depressed That’s not going to make you to fall into depression. That’s going to become even more awake. To say, ‘Alhamdulillah. Allah is making me to realize this and I can come out from that mess. Otherwise, angel of death is just going to come and take my life and I’m going to be stuck.’

You are depressed? Go to the cemetery. Sit and understand and think. Don’t think about you. Think about them. Look to their condition. You are depressed? Go to the hospitals and see those patients that are sitting there dying or wishing that they are going to die. Then look at yourself. You are depressed? Go to sejdah and ask your Lord for help. You are depressed?, Surround yourself with people who are ahle Syukur, that they are always happy for the sake of your Lord. You are going to find help.

Now, if you ask me this, and say, ‘okay, that’s pretty good advice I’m going to find. But at the same time I’m going to have some pills. At the same time I’m going to go to some other people, they are going to say other things. At the same time I’m going to try out everything that everyone has to say,’ then we are going to say, what are you doing? You are mixing up your medicine like a cocktail again? You can’t do that, you are not going to get well. Because every depression there is a reason for that, and it is a disease of the heart, and nobody is going to understand the disease of your heart other than the doctors of the heart: the Tabibul Qulub,  other than the Sheykh, they are going to see what is really troubling you. Because you cannot see yourself. You are depressed, you think you understand? When you are sick, do you think because you are sick you understand everything that is happening to you? Do you understand? You don’t understand. You only know, ‘I feel sick,’ but you don’t understand it’s because of this or because of that.

Go to those ones who have energy and who have life. Sit with them. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, when you submit to them, your depression slowly is going to come away. InsyaAllah, may Allah make it easy for you. SelamAleykum Warahmatullah.

heart is thirsty

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
24 DzulHijjah 1436
October 8, 2015

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