We are not here to perpetuate our bad habits


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You are doing things without intelligence, you are doing things by inspiration, because you are so used, all these years, by inspiration you are doing. Welcome to Tarikat. How many times you hear me speak, I said, ‘I’m inspired to do something. Oh, Sheykh Effendi inspired, put something in my heart,’ how many times you hear me say it? Are we interested in that?

You may know so much, you may know so much history, you may know so much that you may even have connections to Saints, it doesn’t matter. Because all it takes is a split second for you to lose control of that wheel and you will crash and you will burn. Do you understand? It is not about, ‘please, please forgive me, forgive me.’ Who am I to forgive someone or to condemn anyone?  I’m no one. You are the one. You do good, you do good for yourself. You do bad, you do bad for yourself. Just like Sheykh Effendi is saying, Hz Ali (kw) is saying. Do you understand what is it that you have done? Not American style, ‘I’m so sorry, I make you upset. Please don’t get upset.’ So it’s not about the mistake that you do but because this person is upset. If you are not upset, it doesn’t matter if I kill someone but if you are not upset, I’m fine. Then everything is fine. Then we must think. Because mankind is the only creature that Allah SWT has created, that He has given us the will to think.  The animals they are not thinking. They are acting by inspiration, yes. They have been programmed to do it and they do. They don’t deviate. The angels they have been programmed  to do. They don’t question. We are supposed to take lesson from the others,, but we are not. Sheytan is going to say, ‘I was inspired not to make prostration to Adam (as) but make prostration to You because all the times I’m making prostration to You.’ Huh, but now, there is a protocol. There is a protocol.

So where is the Tarikat without the protocol? And be careful those ones who say, ‘I have connection to the Saints and this one, and  I’m seeing this and that.’ We say more we are going to put you under the microscope. If you claim, then more we are putting you under (the microscope). ‘I’m not claiming. These things happens.’ Doesn’t matter. You are extraordinary. You see, close your mouth, don’t speak. Besides, how do you know what you are seeing is true or not? Are you seeing and are you saying to the Sheykh, ‘I’m saying, I’m seeing this. What is he saying?’ Is that what we are concentrating on: ‘What do you see? You, what do you see in the zikr? You, what do you see?’ Everyone talking about their vision. Because some Jamaat, they do it. They say they are making zikr, they said, ‘oh, I see a bright light in the zikr.’ ‘Really? I saw another brighter light.’ And everyone starts talking. But they are not listening to sohbet every week too. They make their own sohbets. They make their own zikr. And we are seeing you are falling.

This is, Osmanli Naksibendi Tarikat. We are following, this is the way. You want it, welcome to you. You don’t like it, Gule Gule (farewell). Nobody is here by any special permission. But if you are here, we must change for the better. We cannot be stuck. We are going to get stuck, that time the angels they are going to curse at us. Because we are supposed to improve everyday. But people are getting bored. They say, ‘why are we speaking about ego, 24/7? Always yelling at us, talking about ego. When are we going to get to the good stuff? Or the miracles or the mysticism and visions and the….When are we going to talk about that?’ So they go here, they go there, they take. You are not knowing what you are eating, then you are passing it off as your own too. When we say, you don’t hear this from Sheykh Effendi, you are taking this from something else but you are passing it off as your own. Twice you are wrong. You are stealing from someone. You know plagiarism? To plagiarize means to take someone else’s ideas and to pass it off as your own. Number one, you are not supposed to take. Number two, you have no permission to even be talking about those things. Because when situation happens then we are going to see which direction you are going to take. And so many times people slip when  you don’t understand the danger. You say, ‘no, no, no, I’m driving forty years. No, no, no, I’m okay. No, no, no, I’m fine. I’m fine, I have so much experience, I have so many passengers I’m taking. Important ones.’ But we are saying, you come here, we are saying, be careful. Be careful. Because if you are not being careful, if you don’t look to yourself, that when certain things happen and you are not being careful, you are going to make a big slip. You know the ice outside? It’s icy. You just walk like it is summer? You don’t. You don’t walk outside like it is summer. You know how to be careful. Same road, just a little bit slip. The worse that can happen, what? You are going to slip and you are going to fall a little bit. Maybe that fall in the Dergah is going to hurt you and it is going to take away your sins. Yes, but nobody is thinking that way.


‘Sit over there!’ (Sheykh is speaking to a murid) I keep telling you, you don’t know how to sit in front, don’t sit! People are rushing to do it, then everything falls. You want to be in the front-line, I already said it right before everything start, didn’t I? Take these things. That means that, okay, you want to be there then you have to be super careful. You have to watch. You have to have a thousand eyes, not one hundred. But spoiled! Yeah just do as I like, talk as I like,  do as I like, move as I like. This is the wrong place for you or for me to do that. I’m not making you to sit like this 24/7. You are a guest here right? Did I make them to sit like this twenty four hours? (Sheykh ask a murid) No. So, in the hours, in the minutes, not hours, minutes that you are here, watch yourself. If you cannot watch yourself in the minutes, you cannot watch yourself in the unusual circumstance where you are supposed to make consultation but you don’t, you are just going by inspiration, or somebody telling you, you don’t get a clear sign from me, somebody is telling you, ‘eh it’s okay. It’s okay.’ This time, nothing is going to happen so much. But next time, maybe you are going to slip on that ice and you are going to break your back. Next time there’s no ice outside. There is minefield.  You understand, minefield? You take couple of steps, you have to poke very carefully, take couple of steps.

This is Tarikat! You have to be careful. But those ones who have connections with  so many holy ones, Mubarak ones, they just walk, because you assume, ‘my intention is right, I’m going to do anything that I want.’ Now you have to be very careful. The closer you are with the Sheykh you have to be careful. It is not the closer you are that I have permission to do anything I want. Wrong place. Wrong place. No holy family here. Wrong place. You have to be very careful because whatever that you are doing, especially those of you who are close to me, others are going to see and they are going to take lesson from that. You do something right, you will get the credit. They will follow. You do something wrong, you are going to get the laknat. This is for men and this is for women.

We are not here to perpetuate our bad habits. We are here to change. Only then, that time when you are making a zikr of Allah, that you pray, only then because you are stepping on your ego, only then you are going to feel something. Only then, that time you come out from here, you go back to your life, you have some sort of energy then you can think clearly what is right and what is wrong and you are about to make the wrong choice, something is going to speak to your heart, ‘maybe I should think twice about this. Maybe I should pull back and think.’ You are not just going to do anything that you like.

Maybe you don’t know what Tarikat is. You should know. So many of you, you’ve been here for years, you should know and you should know the style of Tarikat in this Jama’at. You want to go to other Jama’at? Feel free to go. Maybe they are going to sit and laugh whole day. That is their Jama’at. Not here. Maybe they are going to say, ‘what a big Saint that you are.’ That is their Jama’at, not here. Maybe they are going to say, all of us just going to  love each other. It is their Jama’at. Not here. Don’t worry, all those things will come when you step on your ego.

We have to be aware. We have to be awake. Because sheytan are always out there watching for us to make the first slip and then we are going to be in trouble. Both you and me. These words first for me and then for you, but I don’t worry, I’m watching everything that I’m doing. Privately, I’m not interfering in your private lives. What is happening here at the Dergah, how you are interacting to each other now, the few hours that you have maybe in the whole week, watch yourself. Time is very short.

May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
1 Rabiul Ahir 1438
December 29, 2016 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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