Holy Prophet (asws) came as the peak of perfection from among the Prophets and all humankind


islam is perfect, moon

Prophet (asws) came to bring perfection to the messages that 124,000 Prophets they brought. And the message has always been the same. The message is to declare the unity, the Oneness of our Creator. And to say that that one who brought the message is the messenger. All 124,000 Prophets and Allah swt is saying in the Holy Quran, ‘to every people, We sent a messenger.’  To the Bani Israel, He gave seventy thousand Prophets to them. And every Prophet came to say, ‘La Illaha Ilallah.’ And to teach that there is only One God. So the message of, I don’t like to use big words like this, but Monotheism, believe in One Allah, it is not what we are studying in school to say: we begin from Paganism and later we start choosing and there’s only One. No. There’s always been One. Later people have ideas, they say, ‘One? Why not two? Why not three? Why not many? Why not everyone? Why not everything?’

One. Adam (as) brought the message of La Illaha Illallah to his children, one generation removed from Paradise, saying to his children, ‘My Children, I and your mother, we are not like you. We were created in Paradise, you were born here. Our home is not this world, this dunya. This world is passing. Our home is Paradise and beyond. Believe that there is One Creator. Don’t make any partnership with Him.’ Partnership with Him is not just making Idols, or, so many they don’t worship to Idols but they make partnership with him, inside. In their heart. This is what we call the nafs, the ego, the self that declares existence in front of Allah swt. Some of his (Prophet Adam) children believed. Some of his children said, ‘father you are getting old. You must be senile a little bit. We believe in what we see. We believe in only these five senses. Beyond that we don’t believe. And we don’t believe what you say.’  From that time until Judgement Day there will always be two groups. One who believes and one who don’t believe.

And Prophet Muhammad (asws) came to perfect and to complete the messages that were brought by all earlier Prophets and to confirm. He didn’t bring anything new. But he brought perfection. As the full moon we were seeing this last few days of  this month, Jumadul akhir, (jumadu Thani), the moon is waning, getting smaller and smaller, it’s like this crescent over here (Hoja points to the crescent on the Ottoman flag), showing that it’s the end, we are coming to the end now. After that it disappears completely, then it forms another crescent, the opposite direction and it gets fuller and fuller and fuller, until the fourteenth, fifteenth day of the month, you get the full complete moon. Can anything be more perfect than a full moon? This is why the Holy Prophet (asws) has been described as a full moon. Because he came to perfect.

If we look, every teaching, every tradition,  every religion, they share so many things alike, because it comes form one. So, the Prophet (asws) advice his ummat, saying, ‘O my Nation. Renew your religion.’ And Islam, which is the religion of the Prophet, which is the religion of Jesus, which is the belief of Moses, belief of Abraham, the belief of Nuh (as), Adam (as), 124,000 Prophets, Islam is not brought 1400 years ago. It came to its completion.

The meaning of Islam is Peace. The meaning of Islam is submission. Submission to what? To the Divine will of Allah. That you have a will that Allah has given you. Free will. And the most intelligent and spiritual ones, they say, ‘You have given me a will, now I’m using my free will, to return it to You. Because what is my will, must be Your will.’ That’s the time when a person submits. He becomes a tool. He becomes a beloved one. A Holy one. That Allah is saying, ‘when My servant, he performs his obligations, he becomes beloved to Me. But, when he  performs actions that is not obligation to him, that I did not put an order to him, that out of his own free will, he performs it, he comes close to me.’ There’s a difference now. ‘He becomes close to Me. He will come so close to Me that I will be his hands that he touches. I will be his eyes that he sees. I will be his feet that he walks.’

So this is the teachings of all Prophets and it came to the fullest realization through the spiritual teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (asws) in what we are saying, Tarikat, Tasawwuf, Sufism: to come close to Allah, to return to our source, to become His servant that He says, ‘become My servant and you will be a Sultan. Don’t be a slave to this dunya. Don’t be a slave to this world. Don’t be a slave to your desires. Don’t be a slave to sheytan and especially, don’t be a slave to your ego, to your nafs, that your nafs, your ego is your biggest enemy. And that is something that I have put inside of you, that its natural disposition,  its natural characteristics, is to disobey.’ And in reality, only the ego disobeys.

 After Zikr sohbet by Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI- New York

26 Jamadilakhir 1436H

April 16, 2015

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