How do we know if our repentance isn’t accepted?


Question: How do we know if our repentance isn’t accepted?


Everyone asks for repentance, really, we are talking about whole Muslims, believers. It is inside of our prayer to ask for repentance, correct? When we pray, namaz, we say estaghfirullah, it’s accepted. Allah is guaranteeing, He says, ‘ you turn to Me and I will forgive you. Turn to Me and I will forgive you.’

What are the signs that you are repentant? You are sincere, number one. Because a sincere repentance, which some people they call it taubatan nasuha, sincere repentance, it’s not the number of estaghfirullah that you make. Some people say you have to sit down and make seventy thousand estaghfirullah, that is going to be accepted. You can teach a parrot to say estaghfirullah seventy thousand times too, we can put on the recorder to say that also, doesn’t mean that it is accepted. It’s not the number of times. What makes your asking Allah for forgiveness accepted? Sincerity. So now we talk about sincerity. What is a sincere repentance? The repentance that you understand and you accept that it is wrong that you did, you have no excuse, no excuse. You are not going to say, ‘I did because someone did this to me. I did because this happened to me. I did because of this…because of that..’ No excuse. You just say, as the dua of Hz Yunus, ‘La ilaha illa anta, Subhanaka, inni kuntu minaz zhalimim – I am the one who oppressed my own self.’ This is the dua that he is saying he is a self oppressor, and he is a Prophet. What did he do that was so wrong? He just took a break from his people.

So, as we were talking about earlier, the shafa’at of the Prophet (AS) is only for those ones who commit the big sins, he’s saying. Shafa’aat, his intercession. You will not get forgiveness if he doesn’t intercede for you. Impossible. So many people, even in Tarikat, even in Islam, they go directly to Allah. What happened to His Habib, the reason for your existence, the reason that the hell and the heavens they are created, the reasons why the angels are created, the reason why anything is created. What happened to him? You are going to sidestep? If you don’t ask for his intercession, you will not be forgiven, because on the Day of Judgement, as we are speaking about earlier, not even the Prophets will dare to approach Allah to look at Him. Not even the Prophets.

So many people, foolish Muslims saying, ‘can’t wait for day of Judgement, then I can see Allah, I can be with Allah.’ Are you understanding, not even the Prophets they can guarantee their own forgiveness and their own salvation, their own safety. Not even the Prophets, and they are all waiting for that Rahmatul lil-‘Alamin, the title that Allah gave him, and all of mankind will run from one Prophet to another to ask for intercession. Understand on the day of judgement, everyone will know. Why are they not saying, why Holy Prophet (AS) is not saying, on the day of Judgement everyone fall into sejdah and ask Allah for forgiveness? Why? Why are they running to 124 000 Prophets? Not tiring, asking, asking, asking. Because only then are you going to understand a little bit of the station of the Holy Prophet (AS) and you are going to run after him. So ahle tarikat is not understanding that station when it is too late, it’s understanding that station now. And he says estaghfirullah, because I am not understanding that from the very beginning.

Sincerity, knowing that the sins that you have created they are big sins in the eyes of Allah. Everyone is so hopeful, saying every little bit of kindness that you make Allah will bless you. But no one is talking now, these days, saying that maybe Allah’s curse will fall on you and His punishment and His anger for small things that you did. Whole world is being punished now. Whole world, because they are silent. They are silent about Khilafat and the zulm, they are silent about the generations, they make sure the generations of scholars and followers and Evliyas they are finished. That the next generation they have to go into hiding. They finished and they make people to forget. ‘Huh, you forget My beloved ones,’ Allah is saying, ‘I will forget you. I will not even let you to remember Me. I don’t want your worship. I don’t want your tawaf. I don’t want your zikr. I don’t want your namaz. I close everything.’ So no one is understanding then the heaviness, the seriousness, the wrong things that they have done. If we understand, non stop for a hundred years, at least every jumma we are going to beg Allah for forgiveness because we don’t have a Khalifah, we need to ask for it back. It used to happen after the Khilafat was removed. All the alims and the ulamas they were begging, asking Allah for forgiveness because they understand now there is no protection. But we have forgotten, Allah is saying, you remember Me and I will remember You. But we want to forget Him. So Allah is saying, you forget Me I will forget you too. So the sincerity, that has to come to us when we are asking forgiveness, to understand the seriousness of it.


How many Muslims now, you ask them, do you believe you are going to Jannat? ‘Yes, of course I’m going to go to jannat,’ to just to say like that, or saying, ‘insya’Allah,’ but it’s not up to Allah. They believe that they will.

They are not begging Allah, that Allah SWT in  this worst time, this ahir zaman that we are all part of this dajjalic system, everyone, that we deserve not only hell, we deserve to be put into non-existence, that six out of seven will be put into non existence. Not even worth to become fuel for the fires of jahannam. That, ahle Tarikat has to be shaking, thinking, hoping, asking and praying and say, it is not because of what I did or I didn’t do, but it’s because of the shafa’at of the Holy ones.

That, the Ottomans discovered long time ago when the earlier regimes they were running to kill the ahle bayt, earlier regimes were pushing out all the Evliyaullah. They were, the Ottomans were covering them, taking them in, protecting them, giving them their rights and taking their words for something.

How do you know that your tauba it is accepted? When you go through the right channels, then that time it will be accepted based on your own sincerity, your understanding that you are doing something that is wrong and your dua for any excuse, and you are saying, ‘inni kuntu minaz-zalimin.’ Then that, according to which level, because there’s levels of forgiveness also, it’s not just one general thing, there’s levels of forgiveness. And the highest level of forgiveness is as Sheykh Effendi is saying, ‘I am Allah’s weak servant,’ to understand that you are a servant, to understand that you are weak. Which means that you are asking Allah for forgiveness sincerely because of the wrong things that you have done and because of everything that you have done and you are offering yourself as a person who has committed heavy sins.

As we have read the letter of Sultan Abdul Aziz Khan to the Prophet (AS), saying that, I am the one who has committed heavy sins, to be used to that. How many people now are used to staying up night time to cry to Allah? How many people are doing that even once in forty days? You are not crying after Allah and His Prophet, you are going to cry after the dunya. You are going to cry after your own ego. You don’t fear Allah, Allah is going to put anxiety in you that you fear your own shadow. This is what’s happening to the whole world. If you fear Allah properly, then that time nothing is going to put fear in you. Nothing. Yes, the believer is always in fear, yes the believer is always in worry, yes that is the believer, he is always in worry. If you worry about your Lord, you don’t worry about anything else. Nothing.

So what are the signs that Allah will not accept your tauba? When you are not sincere in presenting your tauba. When you are just saying it out of your lips, when you are not understanding what you did, why you did, to go deeper and deeper into it, and you don’t struggle against it and you don’t fight against it, you are not following people who are fighting against it and you are not holding on to someone who is teaching you how to fight. You are not that sincere. If you suffer from a sickness, everyone is going to be very strict, they are going to make sure that, ‘okay, I have this sickness, I have to move away from people who are sick. I have to be with people who are helping me to fight it and these people they are well also, in a special place, quarantine.’ That is if you are sincere, then you understand it’s not just me realizing that I have done something wrong, that I’m sick so I’m asking for a cure. Cure is not going to come to you like that. You have to go see a doctor, you have to follow everything that the doctor is saying. If it’s necessary you have to separate yourself.

So now check with our taubas. We have to check and you have to see. After that, after you are asking, where are you running? After the Bera’at night, check yourself next few days how your ego is heading back. Now you are fighting against your ego, check to see how much that you are running now, which way is it opening, for you to worship and for you to be doing good, or is the way that is open for you to go completely to the opposite direction.

We are asking from the owner of rahmat that was given to him by his Lord and whom he has given to others, we are looking to them. We are asking them and we are holding on and we are fighting against to our nafs. We do mistakes, we say estaghfirullah, sincerely we are saying. But we are saying, ‘we are weak servants Ya Rabbi.’ That’s why sometimes you hear some people saying, ‘forgive us for the wrong things that we have done, that we are doing, that we will do.’ But every dua is coming from the heart and whatever the heart is speaking is what you have experienced. But if you don’t experience that, the dua is just words that you are saying. It’s still okay, it’s not bad, but it is better to understand that, to be able to experience it.

There is no other shade except for the shade of the Holy Prophet (AS) on the Day of Judgement. But where is the shade of the Prophet (AS) now? Who is the one who is representing him? Who is the one that he has chosen to be on top of us to represent him? Run after that one. That one is going to show his mercy too. And when you are so sorry and he is showing his mercy, that’s the time you wish to be put in hell. Are you understanding? Because you are saying, ‘you are showing me so much mercy and I know I don’t deserve this.’ You don’t run away feeling so so happy also.

May Allah forgive us, insyaAllah for the sake of the Holy Prophet (AS) and SahibulSaif. Al-Fatiha.

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You see, Allah is guaranteeing His Mercy. In a hadiths e-Qudsi He is saying, ‘even if you come to Me with your sin as much as the foam on the sea, I will forgive. But He puts some caveat there, He puts some conditions there too, He says, ‘as long as you don’t make shirk.’ Who is busy trying to look whether they make shirk or not? Who is busy? Two  billion Muslims. You think two billion Muslims are busy trying to see whether they make shirk or not? It’s only ahle Tarikat that is busy doing it. And inside of that, only a handful that they are busy, ‘did I commit shirk or not?’ the hidden shirk. And how many are saying, ‘I am, and I’m asking for forgiveness,’? Estaghfirullah.

SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergah, New York

17 Shaban 1441
April 9, 2020

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